Supplements for gamers - TOP5 supplements in eSports

Professional computer gamers face increased mental and psychological strain. Hours of playing individually or as part of a team, training or developing tactics can cause excessive fatigue and loss of concentration. This can translate into reduced reflexes, reduced analytical thinking and reduced ability to make quick decisions. This will have a negative effect on training results or performance in games, regardless of the type of game. Effective supplements for gamers come to the rescue. What do we know about them and what is worth reaching for? Check it out!

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Effective supplements for computer gamers

The number of gamers professionally involved in playing computer games is constantly growing. For many, it is a career path that allows them to achieve great success. However, professional e-sport requires a professional approach. Of course, players need to show certain aptitudes, such as divisibility of attention, resistance to stress, quick decision-making.

Cybersport in numbers already looks impressive.

The e-sports market is estimated to be worth $1.1 billion in 2019.

More than $250 million was paid for the rights to broadcast the competition.

Statistics can be quoted in abundance and the amounts are increasing year on year.

It is worth taking a look at and see for yourself that playing computer games is no longer a fad, but a viable way of life and career for the younger generations.

In many games, analytical thinking skills or psychomotor coordination are very important. However, at the highest level when playing computer games, it is very important to maintain concentration for a very long time. Even minor inattention can, in many games, translate into victory for another player or the other team. Supporting concentration or reducing fatigue with supplements can be a way to improve performance in computer games.

A 2019 study by the German University of Sport in Cologne indicated that computer gamers - professionals and amateurs with ambitions to turn professional - spend an average of 28 hours a week practising, i.e. playing. This is a major mental and psychological effort, especially for younger adepts.

What separates professional players from aspiring amateurs is a healthy approach and attention to balancing playing time, following a balanced diet, ensuring sleep and adequate recovery and physical activity.

It is part of a balanced diet that properly selected, effective supplements for gamers.

The hero of today's article has recently joined the ranks of the most popular supplements for gamers: CBD oil.

Ranking - TOP5 supplements for gamers

1. Multivitamin

Look for vitamin complexes containing at least:

  • Vitamin A: protects the eyes and supports vision
  • Vitamin B: supports metabolism and energy metabolism, has a positive effect on the nervous system
  • Vitamin D: supports mood maintenance, the immune system and muscle function
  • Vitamin C and E: support immunity
  • Magnesium: supports cardiovascular health, plays an important role in protein synthesis, nervous system function, energy production and maintaining normal blood sugar levels
2. nootropics

Legal brain doping. This is a type of medication and supplement in the category smart drugs. They improve cognitive (cognitive) functions such as memory, creativity, memory speed, mental clarity, logical thinking, concentration and focus. They are also said to affect important processes of nervous system function such as:

  • Motivation and willingness to act
  • Optimisation of mental powers
  • Improving mood
  • Optimisation of regenerative processes, including the nervous system
  • Increase in perceived vital energy
  • Neuroprotection or protection of the nervous system

Nootropic drugs have strong effects and, unfortunately, quite severe side effects also associated with their withdrawal. Their use is basically only possible after consultation and prescription by a doctor.

Nootropic supplements have a lighter effect and a lower risk of severe side effects. They are available without a prescription and can be purchased both online and in stationary shops. Primarily, but not exclusively, plant extracts fall into this category.
Nootropics available: alpha GPC, ashwaganda, citicoline, huperzine, rhodiola rosea, bacopa monnieri, caffeine, NALT, ALCAR, rauwolscine, gotu kola, Siberian ginseng, Indian ginseng, American ginseng, phenibut, l-theanine.

Remember: nootropics can be overdosed and the side effects can be severe. Use them responsibly!

3. green tea extract and caffeine

Some categorise these two substances as nootropics as described in para. Regardless of how we categorise green tea extract and caffeine, their task is similar: they add energy, increase activity time, improve concentration and focus.

There are commercially available mixes of caffeine with l-theanine, which contains green tea extract. This is an interesting combination, as there is evidence that l-theanine negates the side effects of excessive caffeine consumption while improving its positive effects.

As with any supplement of this type, remember to use them in moderation and responsibly.

4 CBD oil

CBD oil or rather CBD hemp oil is a novelty in the category of supplements for gamers.

Cannabinoids and especially CBD are calming - but not sedative - helping you to make better decisions even when faced with the dynamic events of a computer game. CBD oil minimises perceived anxiety, stress and stage fright. It will make you act ... more effectively and at ease even in the face of the intense tension accompanying computer gameplay in the esports arena.

Among the undoubted advantages of using CBD oils as a supplements for gamers can include their neuroprotective properties. CBD protects the nervous system. At the same time, it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, and who doesn't have problems with muscle and joint pain after sitting in front of a computer for hours?

Cannabis oils regulate the endocannabinoid system by influencing the body's energy balance, allowing you to maintain full mental and psychic power, concentration and focus for longer.

Cannabis oil helps you to make a large number of small decisions more efficiently and accurately in a short space of time - it has a positive effect on the so-called 'cannabis effect'. micromanagment which is a distinctive and highly developed skill among professional computer gamers.

Among the most popular CBD oils on the market today are 5% CBD oil with 500 mg of phytosubstances. Its price is affordable and its high quality 5% CBD oil Full spectrum also has a number of other health-promoting uses, which you can read about in the pages of our knowledge base and in other articles on blog.

CBD hemp oil is widely available, but it is worth choosing a reliable one CBD shop because there is a mass of questionable quality preparations on the market. It is also worth knowing that the safe use of hemp oils is associated with a minimal risk of minor and temporary side effects.

CBD oil 5% is constantly available in our range and we are 100% confident in its quality.

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5. energy bars

Long hours of computer gameplay usually means less time to prepare meals. Staying without food for many hours means that blood sugar levels will drop and with it a perceived lack of energy.

It is therefore worth stocking up on energy bars, which are an easy way to satisfy hunger and provide the necessary energy for action. Their use is convenient and possible even in the middle of an ongoing game.

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The above photo is of the 2017 PGL Major Krakow event - I publish it with permission and courtesy of the copyright holder, who holds the event agency Concept Music Art from Krakow.

What else is worth knowing on the subject of 'supplements for gamers'?

There is not a large number of products on the supplement market specifically dedicated to computer gamers. This often requires deciding on supplements on one's own, which have the right composition that can provide the desired effects. Computer gamers should be interested in two types of supplementation.

Firstly, the desired effects may be offered by preparations that have a formulation to improve concentration, reduce perceived fatigue. These types of supplements can be ideal for tournaments and long hours of playing against other players. Desirable substances in supplements to ensure such effects can include caffeine, guarana or tyrosine. At the same time, when deciding on supplements for use during tournaments, it is worth betting on products that are comfortable to use. Such products include those in the form of gels or drinks.

Another type of supplements worth considering are those that make it possible to ensure improved recovery of the nervous system. Such supplements are able to reduce stress or negative emotions associated with prolonged gaming. Substances such as vitamin A, vitamin B or magnesium should be included in preparations designed to ensure such effects. Many supplements designed to improve the nervous system also contain omega3 acids.

Products containing cannabinoids, most notably CBD, or cannabidiol, are also among those that have a positive effect on memory, concentration and the ability to exert mental effort for long periods of time. They are an excellent addition to the list, enriching the diet with new effective supplements for gamers.

Such preparations are made from compounds contained in cannabis seeds. They are legal, safe and effective. Recent studies indicate that concentration problems may be due to low levels of endocannabinoids. It is possible to supplement such substances in the body by opting, for example, for cbd oil 5%.

How do CBD supplements work?

The availability of CBD-based supplements is increasing. This is due to the increasing popularity of such products. More and more people are noticing the positive effects of CBD preparations on health, efficiency, concentration, memory and recovery.

Preparations of this type can be used for a variety of ailments. At the same time, these preparations are based on natural ingredients, which makes them almost free of side effects. In addition, hemp products from reliable suppliers are thoroughly tested, ensuring that they are safe for the body.

CBD-based preparations can now be found in an increasing number of shops both in stationary shops, such as those selling herbs, and in online shops. On the Internet, you will find shops specialising exclusively in CBD preparations. This allows you to buy such products conveniently. You can get access to expert advice, which allows you to choose preparations with the right concentration of CBD or in the right form. Familiarising yourself with the assortment of various shops allows you to choose offers at attractive prices, which limit the expenses for such purchases.

Gaming supplements containing cannabinoids including CBD help to improve concentration as they increase the amount of dopamine present in the body. Increased dopamine production translates into the possibility of increased mental focus time. The relaxing effect that can be obtained after using CBD supplements is also not insignificant. These types of effects are particularly sought after by cyber gamers. A calmed, focused mind during important games helps to reduce the stress that negatively affects decision-making during gameplay.

In contrast, maintaining a high level of mental focus allows for increased time to make optimal decisions based on precise analysis of real-time situations. Sounds like something very much in order during any cybersport competition.

The importance of supplementation in e-sports

In various sports, the use of supplements is common.

This is due to the possibility of achieving, among other things, accelerated recovery, reduced risk of injury, improved bodily functions, which can translate into significantly better performance.

Professional cybersport is undoubtedly a type of sport. Is there an element of rivalry and competition in it? Sure there is, and no less than in traditional sporting competitions.

Obviously, this is not a sport involving physical exertion typical of sports involving physical competition. However, physical fatigue also occurs when playing computer games for hours on end. This is why one of the basic elements of solid preparation for any computer gamer is physical training. In a healthy body, a healthy spirit, and resilience and mental strength are important attributes of a healthy spirit.

Mental and mental fatigue endurance is very important in e-sports. Slightly different sets of parameters and skills of players are put to the test in e-sports arenas than is the case in the world of physical competition.

In this respect, computer games can be compared to classic games of chess, bridge or multi-hour sessions of poker, when players spend up to several hours at the tables or at the chessboard.

Maintaining the right level of concentration, focus and energy, i.e. optimised performance and efficiency during such long hours of competition is difficult, but with the right supplementation it is certainly possible.

Deciding to use supplements helps to reduce the negative effects associated with staying in one position for hours at a time while playing computer games, whether during gameplay or during training.

If our article discussing the supplements for gamers and you want to include CBD oil into your diet as player supplements then you are welcome and encouraged to buy from our specialist CBD shop:

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