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CBD oil

CBD oil

CBD oils are our speciality. In this category you will only find proven CBD oils from reputable brands including our own proven and respected full spectrum oil brand.
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CBD capsules

CBD hemp capsules i.e. full or broad spectrum hemp oil in capsules. In this category you will find and buy both vegan tablets and capsules in a cellulose shell as well as traditional CBD gel capsules.
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Dried CBD

In this category you will find great quality CBD dry for vaporisation. Indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cannabis dried from hand harvests. The taste, aroma and flavour will satisfy both amateurs and connoisseurs.


Hemp cosmetics from renowned brands. Known and appreciated for their unique properties and effective applications in cosmetics and skin and hair care.

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CBD is none other than cannabidiol. It is one of over 113 natural chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa) known as cannabinoids. CBD exhibits a surprisingly large number of positive properties, with the most notable being its positive effect on maintaining the normal function of the endocannabinoid system. The WHO considers CBD cannabidiol to be safe - it is not addictive or intoxicating.

Where to start?

If this is your first contact with cannabinoids including CBD it is worth starting with a low dose - even 1 drop. Such a minimum dose will allow you to see how your body will react to compounds it has not known so far. You will also find out whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If all is well, you can adjust the dosage slowly, gradually upwards. The aim is to find the minimum effective dose.

What does CBD give?

The endocannabinoid system is a system of receptors (CB1 and CB2) distributed throughout the body. It regulates physiological processes, mental mood, appetite, response to stimuli and pain or sleep quality. It can be said to play a key role in the way and quality of experiencing life on a daily basis. Its job is to keep the body in a state of balance called homeostasis. The use of CBD and other cannabinoids contained in full spectrum hemp oils supports the proper functioning of the endocannabinoid system.

Does CBD oil contain THC?

Full spectrum preparations contain the minimum legal amount of THC. Its concentration in the product must not exceed 0.3%. There are also CBD oils on the market produced by adding natural CBD isolate (cannabidiol in crystalline form) to a base, which is most often food-grade hemp seed oil. These products are considered to have lower efficacy. The effectiveness of CBD alone is lower than when it acts in the body around other cannabinoids including THC.

Is CBD oil with THC intoxicating?

No. The THC content of legal hemp oils is so low that their proper use is not capable of intoxicating a person. CBD has no intoxicating or consciousness-altering properties.

And is CBD addictive?

CBD hemp oil is not addictive and neither is CBD. This is reflected in scientific studies. The safety profile of CBD is described as high and this has been confirmed in the WHO Report on CBD, a translation of which can be found on the pages of our knowledge base.

How often and for how long can I use CBD?

The duration of action of CBD in the body is approximately 6 hours. Most users, for example, use CBD oil 2-3 times a day. There is no time limit on the use of CBD. As CBD is not addictive, you can stop taking it at any time. Research to date also shows that the body builds up a tolerance to CBD slowly, and some scientific sources indicate that it does not build up at all.

Does CBD really work?

We all have an endocannabinoid system. Other mammals such as domesticated animals such as cats, dogs and horses also have it. In order to work properly, the endocannabinoid system uses endocannabinoids produced by the body. A deficiency of endocannabinoids can lead to disorders and diseases over time. Cannabinoids, including CBD cannabidiol, contained in the cannabis plant are the most perfect, natural 'replacement' for endogenous cannabinoids. As such, they support the proper functioning of this vital system in the human body. Their supplementation can provide significant support to conventional medical therapies, improving quality of life and an overall sense of wellbeing. In addition, CBD exhibits a number of scientifically well-proven properties making hemp preps effective and safe.

Want to know more about what CBD is and how it works? Read the article in our CBD knowledge base here: CBD effects. This will help you decide and decide if cbd oil is the hemp product for you.

Many myths have grown up around CBD and hemp products containing the full spectrum of plant phytochemicals. Pure Hemp's CBD shop dissects 5 of the most popular myths and points out 5 of the most popular facts you should be aware of before you decide to purchase and incorporate hemp products into your daily diet:

Myth 1: No health-promoting properties of CBD or other cannabinoids have been scientifically proven

The positive effects of CBD and several other cannabinoids have been repeatedly confirmed in laboratories and studies around the world. Research includes randomised, double-blind scientific studies. Just go to PubMed and see what a gigantic amount of research has been conducted over the last 20-30 years. The anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic and analgesic properties are among the best recognised. There has been a lot of recent research confirming the antibacterial and even antiviral properties of cannabidiol. It is considered that the evidence for the health-promoting properties of CBD and other cannabinoids is sufficient to speak and write freely about them. However, this does not make cannabinoid preparations medicines - more on that later.

Myth 2: Hemp is cannabis so hemp products are illegal

First of all, cannabis seed is not the same as marijuana. Full stop. Secondly: hemp and hemp products with a THC content of up to 0.2% are fully legal in Poland as well as in many European and international countries. Hemp, from which hemp oils, among other things, are produced, has been taken off the list of prohibited crops, and food products and CBD supplements made using it can be produced, sold and purchased without fear of violating current laws

Myth 3: CBD oil is a drug 

No CBD oil is not a medicine. It is not intended to treat or prevent disease. Hemp oils are modern supplements that are a source of exogenous cannabinoids that support the normal function of the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a signalling and regulatory system responsible for maintaining the body's homeostasis.

Homeostasis is a desirable state in which all physiological and mental processes are balanced. It is a natural state of the human body that can be disrupted leading to health problems. Hemp cannabinoids are the most perfect natural replacement for endocannabinoids, which the human body produces on its own for its own needs. Their deficiency can lead to disorders and diseases over time. It is worth supplying them externally, e.g. in the form of oils, capsules or vaporised dried. There is currently no other source of legal, natural cannabinoids.

Myth 4: CBD is a marketing scam that doesn't work or at most is a placebo

The multitasking nature of cannabinoids has made them excellent ingredients in both food products and cosmetics. This could not go unnoticed by the wider wellness & wellbeing business world. The fact is that some products are simply unnecessary, and the efficacy of supplementation and use of cannabinoids from some sources is higher than from others, something that manufacturers like to keep quiet about.

Someone might say that 'if something is for everything, it is for nothing'. This does not hold true in this case. CBD has the properties that research shows, and the rare very broad spectrum of cannabinoid use is due to the extensive presence of receptors of the endocannabinoid system throughout the body, in individual organs, in the skin and also on the surface of certain cells.

Myth 5: I used CBD for 7-14 days and nothing happened, so it doesn't work

This is probably the most shallow and superficial of the myths about CBD oils. If you use CBD for no particular reason then what do you want to feel? What effect would be satisfactory? After all, CBD does not intoxicate. THC does, but there is so little of it in products like cbd full spectrum oil that it is incapable of producing an intoxicating effect. It's like taking painkillers for a week without a specific reason in the form of the pain you want to relieve. Did you have a reason, but it didn't work? Perhaps your problem lies elsewhere and cannabinoid supplementation is not solving it? Or maybe you gave your body too little time and those 7 or 14 days were not enough for the effect to show up?

Remember supplementation is not the same as therapeutic/medical use of cannabis extracts under medical supervision. Supplementation doses are actually microdoses, and some health problems require much higher doses, which should be used in consultation with and under the supervision of a doctor.

Fact 1: CBD does not intoxicate

The mechanism of action of CBD is different from THC. It does not intoxicate and does not have a psychoactive effect in the form of euphoria. It is worth mentioning that the World Health Organisation considers the safety profile of cannabidiol to be high, and this despite the fact that its use may be associated with minor side effects.

The demonisation of THC, by the way, has assumed absurd proportions probably due to its psychological effects associated with altered states of consciousness. A small amount of THC in full spectrum preparations is even desirable. So is the presence of other cannabinoids. It is believed that cannabinoids in a group act more effectively than each cannabinoid alone and this has to do with the synergistic effect. THC has neuroprotective properties and can protect brain cells from damage caused by oxidative stress or inflammation. It has also been shown that tetrahydrocannabinol can be involved in the formation of new brain cells. This does not change the fact that the legal THC content of hemp products is up to 0.2% and experimenting with uncertain products from questionable sources can be risky.

Fact 2: CBD can be overdosed

In general, CBD is very well tolerated by the human body. Even large doses used during clinical trials (in the order of 800-1300mg per day) did not cause harm to patients. Hemp oils used supplementally as a source of phytochemicals are actually microdoses of CBD. However, everyone's body reacts differently, so always start using hemp supplements with the minimum dose. Remember that CBD dosage is the search for the minimum effective dose. CBD overdose is associated with an increased risk of side effects, which include nausea, vomiting, dizziness and headache + several others, which you can read about in the pages of our knowledge base.

Fact 3: CBD interacts with some drugs

CBD is metabolised by liver enzymes of the P450 family. The same enzymes are involved in the metabolism of some pharmacological drugs. This is the main reason why it is worth, and even necessary, to consult your doctor about including, for example, CBD hemp oils in your daily diet when you are already taking some medication. The fact that there is an interaction does not mean that you cannot use hemp oils at all. It only means that your doctor has the opportunity to check some key information, e.g. the Drugbank.ca database or its equivalent, and suggest that you use CBD drops, for example, at a certain time after taking medication.

Fact 4: CBD properties are scientifically proven

The number of studies published in the Pubmed medical research library in which the word "endocannabinoid" appears in the content exceeds 10387 entries. The keyword "CBD" returns 2779 results, while "cannabidiol" returns 1155 results. This is as at 06.08.2020, these numbers are steadily increasing and, above all, these are not all the headings under which scientific knowledge of cannabinoids can be sought in this indisputably reliable database. Well, the properties of CBD just like THC are already well recognised in many areas. To question this knowledge is a sign of ignorance or a kind of self-interested pestering. Cannabinoids have accompanied man for several thousand years, and their modern iteration in the form of innovative supplements is nature's improved gift to man.

Fact 5: Different names for the same product

CBD oil is known by various names. Popular names among consumers are: cbd oil, cbd oil, cbd hemp oil, cbd hemp oil, hemp oil and, less commonly, premium hemp oil. There is a bit of confusion about this, but as long as the hemp shop you plan to shop at has good reviews you can safely assume that, regardless of the name used on the packaging or in the product description, you are dealing with a good quality, genuine product. Of course, cannabis oils differ, for example in the extraction method used or the base to which the extract is added. If a pinch of THC doesn't put you off, avoid oils "with CBD", as these are usually just hemp oil with CBD isolate, which does have 0% THC, but the lack of non-cannabidiol cannabinoids means that synergy is out of the question.

Firstly: quality

When it comes to the quality of CBD products, we are uncompromising and expect the same from our suppliers and the brands we work with. From day one of our hemp shop, we have relied on modern laboratory production methods based on the highest quality standards and norms. Our suppliers and partners are well-established companies whose products are market leaders in their segments and product niches.

We have the experience and knowledge, including that which is not available to customers, that allows us to meticulously vet cannabis companies and their product offerings precisely, and perhaps above all, for quality. This is the result of more than three years in the industry, hundreds of conversations, relationship building and a focus on customer welfare.

Most of the hemp products in the shop are the work of Polish companies and the fruit of local, Polish entrepreneurship. The contemporary Polish production of hemp food and supplements competes without problems in terms of quality with the best Czech or Swiss CBD. We should not have any complexes in this area. Without a shadow of a doubt, Polish hemp is synonymous with hard work, ingenuity, commitment and a strong orientation towards consumer needs. By the way, they are excellently reviewed and valued on foreign markets. It is worth bearing this in mind when making purchasing decisions.

Secondly ... quality!

Buying hemp oil or CBD hemp capsules In the Purehemp.co.uk cannabis shop, it is worth knowing that:

  • All Pure Hemp products are manufactured and tested under sterile laboratory conditions in Poland
  • They are tested for microbiological purity and for heavy metals and pesticides
  • They have certificates of cannabinoid composition, which we make available whenever possible
  • We also offer hemp oils of other brands produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • We are committed to authenticity which means you are buying proven and trusted cannabis products produced to the best industry standards
  • We work with the best manufacturers to make sure that productsthat you buy are tested and safe
  • We have been operating in the market for more than 3 years, and the feedback we have received during this time shows that customers value and respect us for the excellent quality of our products and impeccable customer service.
  • Although Pure Hemp is an independent brand owned by a small company, our market position allows us to always supply fresh oils with a long shelf life


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Medical cannabis has a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic uses and much stronger effects than the legal CBD products available in our over-the-counter shop. As a narcotic substance and a pharmaceutical raw material with a high THC content, medical marijuana is a prescription medicine.

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