Purehemp.pl mission

To co-create and amplify a stream of energy that improves people's lives while remaining in harmony with God, science, nature and oneself.

Our values build trust:

  1. We love people and life
  2. We do no evil
  3. We seek the truth and reliable information
  4. We earn from authentic products and valuable partnerships
  5. We renounce manipulation
  6. We make good better
  7. We value scientific precision, artistic ingenuity and bold action

A trusted source of knowledge and proven hemp products

Editorial and editorial process

The author of all texts, Konrad Dziekan, is responsible for the editorial process of the knowledge base and the blog.

Editorial process is relatively simple:

  1. Planning and research
  2. Writing an article
  3. Self-verification and self-correction
  4. Publication

On average, it takes about eight hours of work to prepare a single article for publication.

What makes our editorial process different?

  1. Sound research - we draw on Polish and foreign, but always authoritative, sources of knowledge and information specialising in cannabis; we access and analyse the available results of scientific research covering a given topic, seeking confirmation of the theses and information presented.
  2. We analyse scientific research based on a method of reading scientific research developed by nutrition and dietary supplement specialists from the Examine.com - How to Read a Study.
  3. We turn the difficult language of science into an easier to understand, accessible but still precise and substantive communication.
  4. We strive to regularly update the content we publish so that you can be sure that the the knowledge and information you read is always fresh and up to date.
  5. Any editorial errors that we catch ourselves or that our readers point out to us are immediately reviewed and corrected.
  6. In the future, we want to further enhance the credibility of published content by engaging experts in the field to review articles and proofread them.
  7. We minimise conflict of interest and bias by placing Your welfare before our particular interests - We believe it is possible and we strive to be living proof of this.

Topics covered in the blog and knowledge base

The content published on the pages of the knowledge base and blog has popular scienceand their aim is to popularise issues related to:

The articles are written by an enthusiast and enthusiastic writer, not by a team of health professionals. We do our best to ensure that everything you read on Purehemp.co.uk is part of the trend of reliable health journalism using the tools and elements of the so-called 'health journalism'. explanatory journalism. However, remember that it is always a good idea to consult your doctor, pharmacist or other health professional before making any decisions related to your health.

We firmly believe that factual, valuable and user-friendly content is as essential to the achievement of our mission as the authentic and proven products offered by the Pure Hemp CBD Shop.

Pure Hemp brand quality

Pure Hemp products available in our shop are produced by professional companies specialising in contract manufacturing of products such as cbd oil, hemp capsules or cosmetics made from hemp. By working with the best suppliers and manufacturers in the industry, we can in good conscience offer you high quality at a reasonable price and 100% confidence that you are buying a product that is in line with the expectations placed on this class of product.

What else is worth knowing about the quality of Pure Hemp products?





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