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Every day we ask ourselves, "Why do we do what we do?"

Mission CBD Shop is to co-create and amplify a stream of energy that improves people's lives.

This is what the hemp products on offer are all about, and we want to do our bit together with you to change the world around us for the better.

Corporate social responsibility in the 21st century according to is not about subtle gestures and rigid philanthropic policies designed to maximise marketing and economic impact.

A spontaneous, flexible and dynamic CSR geared to financially supporting selected community initiatives - including, and perhaps especially, local ones in the form of collections for treatment .

This is why we have launched a feature that allows our customers to donate 1% of the value of their order to one of our selected online charities or non-profit organisations.

How does the functionality work?

Very simple. You add the products to your basket and proceed to finalise your order. You enter your shipping contact details and just below the 'Payment details' section you will find the 'Charity' section. From the drop-down list, you select one of five defined non-profit organisations to which we will donate 2% of the value of your paid, fulfilled and non-returned order.

Does this mean I will pay more?

Absolutely not! The donation comes from 2% part of our sales margin.

Is the transfer to 2% of the value of my order voluntary?

No. We wanted to do something more than others therefore indication of the specific objective of the support is obligatory. 2% of the value of your order is a portion of our merchant margin, which donates to one of our selected collections or non-profit organisations. It is up to your choice which fundraiser or organisation you support 1% of your order value. You buy, and together we help.

Does the money go straight into the account of the chosen collection or non-profit organisation?

No. We have to take into account the 14-day return period customers are entitled to by law for products purchased from our shop. Our system totals the amounts donated by allocating them to the relevant collections. We verify the sums of money raised in a given month for individual organisations and transfer them as donations by the 15th of the following month.

What happens to the money when a collection is successful before the monthly settlement deadline ?

Money collected for a cause for which the collection ends before the previous month's settlement date will be transferred to the next collection.

Which organisations and collections do we currently support?

At the moment, when shopping in our shop, you can choose one of the following collections or non-profit organisations:

The above list is bound to evolve over time.

Completed campaigns and collections:

The fundraising for Marysia was a success! Thanks to the enormous commitment of good people from the furthest corners of the earth, the necessary amount, i.e. more than PLN 9.5 million, was collected through the Siepomaga foundation. We managed to contribute a total of PLN 1,100 to Marysia's subaccount managed by the foundation.

As of 1.06.2020, we have completed the collection for the "Nationwide collection to help hospitals in the fight against COVID-19" conducted by the Siepomaga Foundation. The total amount collected for this purpose was approximately PLN 1,000. We would like to thank all donors wholeheartedly. At the same time, we would like to inform you that the foundation is still running this campaign and financial donations can be made directly at

Another fundraising success for people of goodwill. Some time ago, Hania and her parents raised over PLN 9.5 million for the astronomically expensive drug which is her only chance of survival in the fight against SMA. Our modest but joint contribution amounted to over PLN 1,400. Hania, we wish you a full recovery!

Do you have questions about this initiative? Would you like to know more? Write to us at [email protected]

As of 15.12.2020, we have completed the collection for the Dr Clown Foundation. We encourage all interested parties to support this initiative. Perhaps we will also return in the future.

The drop for Kubus was successful and the financial goal was not only reached, but exceeded. Thank you to all good-hearted people!

The collection for Inga's operation is at the moment the fastest completed collection we have decided to join. As late as Thursday, the girl's sub-account was still missing about 193 thousand zloty. It is now Sunday 7.03.2021 and literally a moment ago, we received the news that the collection was successful. Along the way, the campaign scored an amazing twist in the form of a huge donation from an anonymous helper, who decided to cover the costs of Inga's specialist medical transport to the United States, where she will undergo heart surgery. Only thanks to this man or institution - the identity of the donor is known only to the parents and the Siepomaga Foundation - the value of the collection was reduced by as much as 100,000 PLN. As a result, just four days were enough to bring the campaign to a successful conclusion thanks to the massive donations of thousands of people of good will. There is power!

Today we received a wonderful piece of news. Nicholas and his parents have successfully completed a fundraising event to support their efforts to improve the boy's quality of life. Thank you all so much for your participation and support. You are all great!

The fundraising for Kamil Stawiarz's ear reconstruction operation was successfully completed some time ago. We would like to thank you all very much for your participation and joint contribution in bringing this case to a happy end. We hope that the operation that is about to happen will be a turning point in Kamil's life story. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

Another fundraising success to which together with you we made a small, but nevertheless, contribution. Ms Marlena has raised the funds needed for her DBS operation. We are keeping our fingers crossed for her success and a speedy recovery, and we would like to thank you, our dear friends, for your heart and for supporting her fundraising either directly or through us.

Ms Agnieszka raised the amount needed for the operation thanks to the collective effort of kind-hearted people gathered around the community built by the Foundation. We had our modest share in this collection. When we write we meant our - your and our - joint contribution. Pure Hemp, donated PLN 925.37 visible on our user account at the Foundation + PLN 322.99 which we donated as a non-logged-in user. The entire amount of PLN 1248.36 was raised as part of our programme to support charitable initiatives.

It has been some time since we completed a collection for the Association of the Wounded and Injured in Missions Abroad. Perhaps we will return to this initiative in some time.

The collection for the Myślenice Bethany has also come to an end. The small amount of support you have decided to give during its period of operation gives food for thought. We have taken to heart the knowledge gained from these few months of observing your choices, and perhaps the collection to support the charitable institutions of the Catholic Church in Poland will return to us in the future.

We closed the collection for Matthew on 14.12.2021. The total amount of support reached PLN 925.09. We would like to thank all of you for your good heart and choice. We wholeheartedly wish Mateusz and his parents strength, perseverance and progress in further rehabilitation.

The collection for Kuba raised more than PLN 450,000 in a flash. Such an amount will secure the costs of Kuba's stay in a rehabilitation and recovery centre for almost 2 years. Our joint contribution is a modest PLN 250 + PLN 246, which, after accounting for and closing the collection, I decided to donate to another cause - helping refugees from Ukraine.

As of 24.02.2022, I have decided to temporarily end the fundraising for the Anna Dymna's Mimo Wszystko Foundation. It was one of the longest-running collections. It will return to the list as soon as the situation is favourable, so I have not made a detailed summary of the total amount donated "where it is most needed" as part of the Foundation's activities.

The collection for the Association for the Support of Oncology UNICORN is also temporarily suspended as of 24.02.2022. To date, approximately PLN 2,800 has been credited to the Association's account. Thank you all very much for your support of this cause and I promise that this cause will also be back on the list as soon as I deem fit.

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