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The shop is visited, and articles in the knowledge base and blog are currently read approx. 15-18 thousand customers per month.

This places us around 5th in terms of organic traffic among online cannabis shops in Poland. Our appetite and ambitions are for more.

If you want your hemp products have appeared on our virtual shop shelves it is worth you knowing that:

  1. We are looking for reliable dropshipping partners with a valuable product range to complement our shop range.
  2. We do not buy goods cheaply to sell them more expensively and we do not hold stock.
  3. Relationships in business are as important if not more important to us than money.
  4. You must send your order within max. 24 hours after receiving your order from us.
  5. The CBD oil shelf is reserved exclusively for the company's Essenz - they have worked hard for it, they have great quality cannabis oils, and I 100% trust them.

Cooperation with

Do you have an interesting, unusual or local idea for collaboration, advertising or promotion? Great!

We like to commit our time and energy to niche ideas to promote the industry and advertise our brand.

We are looking for authentic personalities with whom collaboration has significant potential for mutual benefit.

We are also keen to collaborate with the expert blogosphere and influencers.

Areas? Health, lifestyle, science, diet and healthy eating, medicine including alternative and natural medicine.

The condition? A valuable, viable and committed audience.

Write to us at [email protected]. Let's talk.

Who are we not working with?

  1. With companies where employees are afraid of their manager or owner.
    You can sense it in a three-minute conversation, and a company managed by fear simply rots from within. We steer clear of such a business.
  2. With companies for whom cannabis is the ONLY product like any other.
    Hemp is too precious a gift of nature to treat hemp products on a par with washing powder. With all due respect to washing powders.
  3. With companies and people who say something different and do something different.
    If your modus operandi is about cunning and deceit then you have the wrong address. Waste your time and your life elsewhere

Wholesale of CBD

In 2022, it will be 3 years since the Pure Hemp brand appeared on the market. Both the market and customers have verified our value many times and probably in every possible way - from the performance of the products, to the quality of the service, to the content value of the articles published on the blog and in the knowledge base.

The company Botanika Farm, which owns the Essenz brand, was responsible for the quality of our oils at the time.

This is where I would refer anyone interested in bulk purchases of proven CBD oils and other valuable hemp seed products produced to high quality standards.

Why should you consider CBD wholesale and working with Essenz?

  • reliable, tested and certified hemp products
  • attractive prices
  • very reasonable retail margins
  • simple, transparent and fair conditions for cooperation for all
  • rapid delivery
  • a solid brand that the owners care for and develop
  • I don't know if it's not the best support in the industry

Call us! Tel. 510 824 537

Contract manufacturing of CBD

Are you looking for a CBD oil producer? Do you want to try your hand at the hemp industry? Do you have an idea for a private label and are putting it into practice?

I encourage you to take advantage of Botanika Farm's excellent quality contract manufacturing services for CBD oils and other hemp seed products.

Click the button below to go to the website of a proven manufacturer of CBD foods and supplements.

There is really no point in looking any further.

I have done this for you, and the result of this work is a number of, loyal customers satisfied with the quality and performance of Botanica Farm and Essenz hemp products.

It is a pleasure and 100% to certainly recommend you to contact and work with them.

Contract manufacturing of CBD


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