Hempqualizer is a Polish brand of CBD hemp products for horses. You will find perfectly formulated supplement feeds in the form of the convenient Hempqualizer and Hempqualizer+ paste. Rich in cannabidiol CBD and lemon balm supplements for horses is a novelty on the Polish and European market, which is gradually winning the hearts of horse owners of all breeds.

What is the reason for the popularisation of CBD products in the horse diet? There are several reasons:

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In the Purehemp.pl shop you will find Hempqualizer supplements created with the most beautiful of domesticated farm animals in mind - horses. The brand's horse supplements available in the shop are a perfectly balanced supplement to the horse's diet.

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In addition to the standard expected nutrients, Hempqualizer supplements will deliver hemp phytochemicals to the horse's body. It is these natural compounds from the hemp plant that make these supplements a unique functional nutrient with a calming effect. Hempqualizer purchased from our shop is also an excellent support for the proper functioning of the digestive system and digestion. By the way properties of cannabinoids contained in the product will calm inflammation and relieve pain in animals with joint problems.

Horse supplements

Hempqualizer is two variants of supplements for horses. The basic variant is up to 1600mg CBD, 320mg CBG and 8g of lemon balm based on MCT oil, which is rich in medium-saturated fatty acids. The preprate is completely free of tetrahydrocannabinol THC and therefore safe for animals.

The second variant marked '+' is a double amount of cannabinoids and melissa in the same amount of preparation. A double dose with increased potency and wider use.

The greatest beneficiaries of CBD use for horses are potentially animals affected by chronic ailments and those under severe stress.

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When to use lemon balm, cannabigerol and CBD for horses?

The active ingredients in Hempqualizer supplements have been shown to work in scientific studies:

A lot of pluses and that's not all anyway. The spectrum of action of phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids is only poorly known at this point. Every year, more and more qualitative studies are being carried out and we are learning about the effects of the compounds

Hemp is becoming more and more common, and in the process the list of benefits is gradually expanding. I think this trend will be maintained.

Is CBD for horses legal?

It is perfectly legal to support an animal's recovery and nutrition with equine supplements including innovative cannabinoid products from hemp. However, it is worth knowing that the FEI or World Equestrian Organisation recognises CBD and CBG as illegal doping substances. This is because CBD improves performance and reduces anxiety. If your horse is competing you should take into account the risk of illicit substances being detected in doping tests. The manufacturer recommends discontinuing the use of CBD for horses at min. 10 days before competing.

And what gives you the balm in the Hempqualizer and Hempqualizer+ formulation?

Melissa balm as an ingredient is the original idea of a product formulation specialist for brands Essenz and FemiCanna - Alexander Midor. You will read about him more than once - of that I am sure.

I found the answer to the question of what gives and how does lemon balm work in the product materials provided by Hempqualizer.

It turns out that among the many benefits of this plant, there are such gems as:

Is your horse sure to benefit from the Hempqualizer supplement?

Without a doubt, yes. The spectrum of action of the preparation is so broad and beneficial that many breeders and owners are already using hemp products and supplements for horses in their stud farms.

From interesting cases and initial feedback, I will mention the example of the use of Hempqualizer in a 700kg horse during rehabilitation after an injury. The horse's owner tells this story from the first day of using the supplement on the brand's Facebook profile. Early on, after the first few doses, he reported that the horse looked much calmer.

In turn, after a week, he was tempted to make such a list of observations:

If that hasn't convinced you then drop by here in a while. There are bound to be more updates to this Hempqualizer application story, and I'll try to chronicle them all here.

Those who are convinced are welcome and encouraged to purchase CBD for horses at the humble virtual thresholds of the Purehemp.co.uk CBD Shop.

The price is just as good as at the source, and shipping will get to you just as quickly.

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