Essenz is the private label of one of the largest CBD hemp oil producers in Poland. The appearance of the brand's products in the CBD shop is a natural next step in the development of the CBD product range on our virtual shop shelves. We have been building relationships with Essenz almost from the beginning of the shop's existence. We have full confidence in the quality of the products and the professionalism of the team of specialists behind the success of this brand on the market in Poland and many European countries. Essenz's CBD production is based on organic, certified hemp cultivation in Poland. The company is appreciated by customers for its uncompromising quality and application of high production standards. Essenz specialists control the entire production process from seed selection, cultivation to the final product. Among the brand's most popular products are Essenz CBD oils and some of the best cosmetic formulations among those available in stationary and online shops and pharmacies.


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Essenz - shop

As for the brand Essenz shop offers a full range of products from this company. You will find everything you Essenz CBD has the best to offer cannabis shop customers.

You can shop in the shop in just a few simple steps and your delivery will arrive straight from the manufacturer. Convenient, cheap and hassle-free.

We are known for our rigorous approach in the selection of partners and brands offered to the shop's customers. Several years of experience in the hemp industry allows us to efficiently verify manufacturers' claims.

When you buy Essenz products from Purehemp you are 100% sure that you are buying original products from the current production batch.

Essenz - products

Essenz hemp products are a great combination of modern supplements and food products made from the best varieties of legal hemp seed.

Among the CBD products you will find:

CBD oil - Essenz

Essenz CBD oil is an excellent customer-reviewed hemp oil at a very attractive price. It is produced using CO2 extract and each production batch is tested for cannabinoid content and for purity of composition from pesticides, heavy metals and harmful microorganisms. Essenz oils offer excellent value for money - something we consider to be one of the most important factors in our purchasing decisions.

The oils are available in two lines: Basic and Premium.

Basic line by Essenz

The basic line is well known to the shop's customers for its hemp extracts based on organic hemp oil.

They have the characteristic hemp taste and aroma typical of high-quality CBD oils. Essenz CBD oils in the basic line are available in the popular concentrations of 5 per cent and 10 per cent CBD and two popular variants: decarboxylated and RAW.

As Essenz uses 15 millilitre bottles these concentrations translate to 750mg of cannabidiol in 5% and 1500mg in 10% oil.

Premium line from Essenza

The premium line of oils from Essenza is a nod to those with taste sensitivities. The increased terpene content to 5% of the formulation moderates the taste making the formulations more pleasant to use while maintaining the expected cannabinoid effects surrounded by increased amounts of other natural terpenes.

The line is divided into two variants: Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum.

Essenz Premium Full Spectrum

Premium CBD hemp oils in the full spectrum variant contain 500mg, 1000mg or 1500mg of cannabidiol and natural terpenes from hemp in concentrations as high as 5%. It is the increased amount of terpene phytochemicals that distinguishes this product line from the Basic version.

You can read about which terpenes you will find in the bottle in the descriptions of the individual products.

Essenz Premium Broad Spectrum

CBD broad spectrum oils from the premium line deserve special attention.

Above all, these oils do not contain THCand feedback from their users suggests that they are just as effective as their tetrahydrocannabinol counterparts.

How is this possible?

Well, in addition to the increased d0 5% terpene content, the manufacturer also made sure to include a healthy dose of another cannabinoid, which is cannabigerol CBG.

The result is a product that is CBG oil + CBD with unique, powerful properties and effects.

Depending on the variant, you will find 300mg, 600mg or as much as 900mg of cannabigerol with CBD content of 1800mg, 3600mg and as much as 5400mg respectively in 30 millilitres of the preparation.

It looks like an absolutely unique and innovative product that will gradually replace THC oils on shop shelves.

Essenz: CBD oil 1500mg + CBG 300mg - Broad Spectrum - Premium CBD |

Essenz CBD+CBG oil 1800mg

30 ml | Broad Spectrum

Out of stock

Hemp oil CBD+CBG 3600mg by Essenz

Essenz CBD oil 3000mg + CBG 600mg

CBD+CBG | 30ml

Out of stock

CBD oil 15% + 900mg CBG and terpenes by Essenz - Shop

CBD oil 15% Essenz + CBG and terpenes

CBD | CBG | Terpenes | 30ml

Out of stock

One thing is certain. At Essenz, everyone will find an oil to suit their needs.

CBD cosmetics at Essenzu

Hemp cosmetics Essenz is in a class of its own. The formulations and composition of the ointments and serums are cosmetic proof of uncompromising quality.

In the brand's cosmetic range you will find:

Essenz CBD hemp ointment 120ml - shop

Essenz CBD - opinions

As for the brand Essenz opinions from the Trust Pilot website, which collects honest feedback from real customers, are unequivocally positive. It was, among other things, the voices of consumers giving feedback on CBD products that were an important part of our assessment of the value of working with this hemp company. Essenz's overall rating ranks the brand 2nd among all companies in the "Herbal Medicinal Products Store" category of this website. A trifle but gratifying.

We will give voice to shoppers by presenting just a few sample opinions taken from the internet:


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You already know the opinions about the Essenz brand. If that's not enough for you, it's still worth knowing which CBD oil opinions has collected over the past years from the medical community, natural medicine specialists and, of course, patients. We have collected interesting reviews, opinions and testimonials from people using cannabinoid preparations and CBD products as support for conventional treatment and as home remedies for a number of diseases e.g. neuropathies. We invite you to continue reading and discover the amazing world of beneficial properties of phytochemicals from hempseed.





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