Hemp and CBD oil - doctors' opinions

The controversy surrounding the medicinal use of hemp and CBD oils is slowly dying down. This is due, among other things, to the opinions of doctors. While only a few years ago, medical practitioners approached cannabinoids, cannabidiol, CBD oils and medical hemp conservatively and cautiously, they are now becoming increasingly vocal, commenting and giving their opinions on the properties and positive effects of hemp products. There is also no shortage of doctors who have observed the course of events, talked to patients, followed their medical history closely and at the same time expanded their knowledge. Many are personally involved by directing their careers into the niche that is hemp medicine. This is a natural process, the effects of which can be seen today in the form of, among other things, their positive statements about CBD oils in the diet and medical cannabis in the therapy and treatment of, for example, neruopathic pain. I will try to bring you some interesting comments and indicate which doctor's opinion is, in my opinion, very valuable.

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CBD oil - controversies, trends and lies

As late as 2019 and 2020, there have been quite a few media reports warning consumers not to make hasty decisions about substituting certain drugs CBD oils without a prescription. A number of comments were made by doctors and scientists especially in the context of replacing painkillers with cannabidiol in an oily form. The authors have published them in the prestigious journals Nature or the Harvard Health Service.

The year 2021 brought a change that can be seen with the naked eye. There are simply noticeably fewer critical articles. What has changed in that time? We certainly have better quality research to analyse. Time has also done its part. Anecdotal evidence and information about the efficacy of cannabinoids is gradually turning into practical knowledge a wide range of doctors caring for patients around the world. The perception of the issue has been transformed not by marketing, but because of the a real improvement in the quality of life for a huge mass of peoplewhich is difficult to deny today.

Cannabinoids are seen as a viable and effective solutionand not a money-driven trend. This may be indicated by the freedom with which doctors express their opinions in the media of various formats, and the fact that many in the medical profession have recently jumped ship with the colloquial name 'CBD'. Hemp medicine has become a realityand in Gdansk, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Olsztyn and many other cities in Poland are being built. cannabis clinics treating, for example, pain with medical cannabis.

Yes consumers the precautionary principle of brand and product selection still applies.

Yes, there are still players on the market who can be accused of using shoddy marketing tricks and contemptible methods to convince customers of their offer. There are still closed meetings to which people sensitive to persuasion are invitedwho will overpay dearly for dubious quality CBD oil.

Why are doctors' opinions important?

A trivia question worth answering. The authority of the doctor or pharmacist convinced of the efficacy of a particular category of products minimises uncertainty for patients.

This is the case with medicines, vitamins, supplements or functional food products like plant oils and extracts from the plants we grow.

It is even better when the doctor has an extensive thematic knowledge of cannabis and cannabinoids built on a foundation of years of medical science and the mechanisms of the human body.

Observing the formation of the cannabis industry from a small level, an independent brand like Pure Hemp I also see a lot of positive signals coming from the medical world. An example? CBD oils available in cannabis shops, even though they are not medicines, have gained strong allies in the opinions of an ever-growing number of convinced and informed doctors.

What else do doctors think about legal oils, CBD and cannabinoids? What is the reputation of cannabidiol among them? Let's look at some examples.

doctor holding CBD oil and hemp flower as an example of doctors' positive opinion of hemp products

CBD oil reviews by doctors abroad

First, let's look at the top of the pyramid of medical authority or what the World Health Organisation (WHO) says about CBD. Well natural cannabidiol is safe and well tolerated by the human body. In the report, which you can read in Polish here, we read that no risk of addiction or intoxicating toxicity of cannabidiol has been identified.

Cannabidiol is not addictive or intoxicating. This is based on the opinions of doctors and WHO specialists.

Some doubts remain about the psychoactive safety of tetrahydrocannabinol, but the facts are that there are no reports of severe or fatal cannabis overdoses rich in THC. Spectrum of side effects The use of legal cannabis products is simply poor. The benefits outweigh the risks.

Among the interesting figures from the world whose opinion on hemp has evolved over the years from reluctance to approval and enthusiasm is, for example. Dr Sanjay Gupta. Neurosurgeon, journalist and main medical correspondent American television station CNN. Dr Gupta is a highly influential figure and medical authority. His experience of dealing with autistic children during his cannabis treatment, conversations with their parents and attending doctors led him to completely change his mind about cannabis. He went from being an opponent to a supporter fully recognising the medical benefits, properties and effects of cannabinoids. Since this conversion of sorts commented positively on several occasions, publicly and through the media, the use of cannabis and the extracts produced from it.

See brief 1.5 minute video which is an excerpt from a new documentary programme soon to be broadcast on a US television station, in which the Dr Sanjay Gupta interviewed by Dr Doris Tucker and the parents of Ezra, a boy who was helped by cannabis to alleviate childhood autism in a way that, as Dr Tucker put it in the video, "impressive".

CBD and the treatment of depression in the opinion of a psychiatrist - neurologist

Many of you are wondering whether and how to use cannabinoids and cannabidiol for specific disorders. Such an area that is particularly observed worldwide is treatment of depression and anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

It turns out that here, too, it is possible to find interesting statements by the opinion doctors advances in understanding the mechanisms of action of CBD.

Let us look, for example, at the opinion of Dr Michael Moskowitz. This American neurologist, a psychiatrist with more than 40 years of professional experience, specialising in pain management and psychosomatic medicine - was tempted to say the following in a scientific article professional opinion:

"It is very important to remember that CBD positively influences the activity of the endocannabinoid system by increasing the duration of interaction of anandamide with CB1 and CB2 receptors. These interactions also affect the function of the serotonergic, dopaminergic and noradrenaline systems. It also acts on the GABA-glutamate signalling system and the HPA axis (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis). Its main role is to restore the balance of the by suppressing when hormone/chemical levels are too high or enhancing when they are too low. This is the most likely mechanism behind effectiveness of phytocannabinoids in general and CBD in particular in the treatment of depression and anxiety."

Read more about the use of CBD as a therapy support for psychological disorders and depression improving wellbeing here:

Polish doctors' opinions on CBD oil

And what do doctors in Poland think of hemp and CBD oil? The very fact that medical professionals are heavily involved in cannabis ventures is telling. In my opinion, if medical practitioners were not convinced of the positive effects of cannabinoid therapy, the industry would never have developed so rapidly. As for CBD oil doctors' opinions in their sound they instantly change colour from warning to moderate approval.

In Poland, over the last few years, a formal and legal environment has been built up to enable the opening of cannabis medicine clinics. Patients can get advice there, consult their cases and of course get a prescription for medical marijuana. Other cannabis products can also be purchased at these locations, and legal hemp seed oils are just one of them.

Cannabigerol has also attracted a lot of attention from the medical community in recent months. CBG has its own unique properties and is thus recommended by cannabis medicine specialists for slightly different situations. Yet another cannabinoid, cannabinol (CBN), is slowly making its way to the front of the list as an herbal ingredient in oils for sleep. Reviews and studies indicate their efficacy during sleep regulation, insomnia and supplementation during conventional treatment of sleep disorders.

A great example a favourable medical opinion is a video recorded by Dr Marek Skoczylas. I encourage you to read his brief review of CBD oils as a product category. There is no indication of any brand there, a Dr Skoczylas as far as I know, there is no business connection with cannabis and therefore no conflict of interest. That is why I find this opinion particularly valuable.

CBD oil: opinions on other uses

CBD oil reviews in other applications is also picking up positive ones. CBD oil in particular is getting a lot of feedback from consumers looking for:

  • Home and herbal treatments for neuropathy. Herbs for neuropathy have received solid support from the hemp plant.
  • It has also been used successfully by patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease, dementia).
  • Patients treating pain including neuropathic pain and chronic inflammation speak well of CBD.
  • Stress should also not be overlooked, successfully balancing hormones and minimising negative emotional reactions in response to excessive stress, fear and anxiety.
  • Information from the scientific world speaks of the positive effects of phytochemicals in combating bacteria, superbugs and viruses, as well as their antifungal action.
  • Cannabinoids as safe ingredients also appear in numerous people's reviews, doctors' comments and patient videos documenting the effectiveness of hemp extracts against cancer. And this is despite the fact that they are not officially cancer drugs - something always worth bearing in mind.

Many reviews indicate that the purchase price that cannabis shop customers have to pay to buy cannabis extract in the form of oil is 100% adequate for the benefits of this unique product. Well worth it!

With this positive note, I end today's post. I hope I have been able to point out a few that are of interest to you doctors' opinions on CBD oils and the effectiveness of medical cannabis. There are of course many, many more. Due to the format, I am unable to cite every statement and example, so I encourage you to research for yourself and delve into the fascinating world of hemp's medicinal properties.

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