CBD oil use: 10 reasons to use cannabinoids

With the growing awareness and knowledge of how broad the spectrum of beneficial uses of CBD oil is, it is becoming more widely used every day as a kind of supplement. Those seeking knowledge and information on CBD oil are encouraged to read this article. In it, we discuss, in an easy and accessible manner, the most frequently indicated potential and most solidly confirmed for a dietary supplement such as CBD oil's use in everyday life. Discover the top 10 reasons why you should use natural cannabinoids on a daily basis.

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Is CBD oil safe and not intoxicating?

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One of the main reasons why more and more people are choosing to reach for CBD oil is that the compound is completely free of intoxicating properties. Unlike THC, which CBD oil and other hemp products contain trace amounts that comply with the law and standards, CBD has relatively little to no effect on a person's mind and state of consciousness.

To be intoxicated is not the same as being psychoactive.

Not everything that is psychoactive is intoxicating, but everything that is intoxicating is psychoactive.

A state of intoxication is associated with impairment of, among other things, motor and cognitive functions. CBD oils do not have such an effect even in higher doses. The improved mood is in harmony with logical thinking, a correct perception of reality and common sense - if such is present in the user.

I therefore disagree with the assertion that CBD has no psychoactive properties at all. In my humble opinion, anything that alters behaviour or mood - in this case, improving mood, minimising tension, minimising levels of perceived stress, emotional balance and minimising levels of experienced anxiety - has psychoactive properties.

The most important thing is that these qualities are moderately positive and do not lead to an excessive increase in parameters such as, for example, a feeling of happiness turning into unhealthy euphoria or overconfidence leading to bravado, dangerous behaviour and excessive, ill-calculated risk-taking devoid of common sense.

Using health-promoting non-drug substances can be desirable for many reasons. CBD supports the maintenance of your wellbeing, your sense of your natural self, and in the process minimises reliance on other supportive substances (other supplements) while maintaining a healthy sense of control over your own mental health.

What's more. Its action has a systemic impact on endocannabinoid system by providing natural 'replacements' for endogenous cannabinoids, which are plant cannabinoids from cannabis.

#1 CBD oil use for mood enhancement

Although each user's experience of using CBD oil may vary, sources report that the oil helps them regulate their mood. This regulation involves maintaining a normal mood through the interaction of cannabinoids with the endocannabinoid system. The state referred to as 'good mood' or 'positive mood' can positively influence, among other things, the improvement of relationships with the environment, the quality of interpersonal communication, the minimisation of argumentative tendencies or productivity at work. A positive mood can also support the processes of spending available energy resources throughout the day.

In such a view, it is also possible to speak of the antidepressant use of CBD oils.

Many people who use CBD oil on a regular basis claim that it has allowed them to switch away from other preparations, supplements and even medications they have been taking. While you should certainly consult your doctor before making important health-promoting decisions, especially if you are already taking other pharmacological medications, the antidepressant and mood-regulating use of CBD oil is an alternative for many worth considering.

#2 CBD oil for stress

People very often treat anxiety and stress as the same problem. In principle, however, there is one important difference between the two. In general, both feelings are related to feeling excessive pressure. The difference is that stress can be linked to identifiable stressors. Anxiety, on the other hand, being more chronic, tends to persist even when there seems to be no real basis or identifiable factors in the surrounding reality for it.

CBD oil's anti-stress and anti-anxiety use is quite solidly based in the available scientific research.

It relaxes and calms, but does not sedate or put you to sleep as some pharmaceutical drugs do. If used correctly, it is associated with a low risk of minor and temporary side effects far removed from those that can be caused by pharmaceutical drugs.

#3 CBD oil for sleep

Adequate quantity and quality of sleep is of paramount importance for a healthy lifestyle. No one needs to be convinced of this. Unfortunately, more and more people are suffering from various types of sleep disorders. According to estimates, nearly half of all Poles over the age of 30 have sleep problems or insomnia.

As preliminary scientific research indicates, CBD oil has great potential to help address these issues. The use of CBD oil can help regulate the REM phase of sleep, thereby reducing feelings of daytime sleepiness. CBD oil does not work but sleep-inducing! Simply put, a properly regulated endocannabinoid system means a better chance of a solid dose of deep, restorative sleep. CBD oil therefore has applications in the area of improving sleep quality.

It may prove particularly helpful in improving the quality of life and sleep of people suffering from neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease or epilepsy.

#4 CBD oil use: Inflammation and pain

Many painful disorders, including arthritis or fibromyalgia, are triggered by inflammation and can lead to chronic pain. There are a number of preliminary scientific studies indicating CBD oil may also find use as a preparation with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

As CBD oil is 100% a natural preparation, it may prove to be a safer means of relieving pain and reducing inflammation than other preparations or even pharmaceutical drugs. The mechanism of these uses is something we still need to understand a little better, but as of today there is no doubt that they are there, and CBD oil will work well as a handy herbal anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

There are even reports that CBD can replace common painkillers such as Ibuprofen. Whether this will happen, time will tell. However, no one needs to be convinced that if a natural preparation works as effectively as a pharmacological drug, then in certain cases, which are not uncommon, it is more beneficial to reach for what nature has given to man.

When else can CBD oil find use as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory? There are a whole host of examples, and I will only mention muscle and joint pains also caused by mechanical injuries.

#5 Use of CBD oil in smoking cessation

Quitting smoking can be particularly difficult if there is nothing to 'replace' the cigarette and the harmful but addictive substances it contains. Here too, CBD oil can help.

Surveys of CBD oil consumers have indicated that they believe CBD oil can have an effective use in smoking cessation as it effectively reduces feelings of nicotine craving. Craving or nicotine hunger causes anxiety in the compulsive smoker. Strong craving = strong anxiety and, in some cases, even anxiety. To get rid of the anxiety the smoker reaches for another cigarette and the cycle repeats itself.

The anti-anxiety, calming properties of cannabinoids mean that CBD oil will also find use in this area.

Cigarette smoking is a chemical addiction, but it can also be the result of an oral fixation. CBD oil can support the management of this psychological behavioural disorder.

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#6 CBD oil use: Socialisation

Although more research is still needed, some CBD oil users report that consuming CBD helps them function better in society by improving their ability to socialise.

This use of CBD oil may be a consequence of experiencing an improvement in mood, as well as a reduction in feelings of anxiety, including social anxiety. What's more - people who have quit smoking and who miss the socialising aspect of smoking say that CBD oil can potentially be a helpful preparation for coping with the new reality when 'cigarette' friends are replaced by new, addiction-free ones.

There are also studies in which CBD users reported less stress and tension in public speaking situations, e.g. when giving a presentation in front of a group of people. This has been linked to the anti-anxiety properties of cannabdiol.

#7 CBD oil and improving appetite

One of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle is eating enough healthy, nutritious meals based on good quality foods. Some CBD users report that the compound has been shown to help manage nausea or appetite disorders. Research in this aspect is still in its early stages, but the results so far fill us with hope that CBD oil will also find use in this aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps it will also prove effective for such serious disorders as anorexia or bulimia.

Maintaining a balanced diet can in turn improve almost all bodily functions including sleep, memory, metabolism and physical activity. So, if CBD oil by its mechanism of action actually has a positive effect on appetite regulation, then the consequences of including it in the diet could prove to be salutary for many people.

#8 Hair and skin and cbd oils

While most of the uses of CBD appear to be medicinal and therapeutic, it is also used in numerous beauty and cosmetic products from bath salts to creams, ointments and lotions to lipsticks.

It is believed that due to its mechanism of action, CBD can help maintain healthy and youthful looking skin, and its antioxidant properties inhibit the effects of skin ageing.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD will be of particular interest to those struggling with skin acne. Just soak an ear stick in a drop of the oil and spot-apply to the skin where inflammation has appeared. Does it work? Yes, and I am writing this from personal experience.

#9 Use of CBD oil in the treatment of addiction

More recently, CBD has been recognised as a potentially effective agent in the treatment of addiction.

Although the scientific research on this topic is relatively new, the US National Institute on Addiction gave the following opinion on the results: "Early preclinical findings also suggest that CBD may have therapeutic value in the treatment of substance use disorders and addictions."

Researchers believe that CBD can influence the neural connections that lead to compulsive behaviour and addiction. Its calming and anti-anxiety properties are also relevant here especially if we know the mechanism by which behaviours indicative of addiction arise and persist.

#10 CBD oil for animals

Many people are surprised to hear that CBD has a positive effect in supporting the treatment of various health problems and disorders in animals. The list is long and includes many of these health problems, the counterparts of which are faced by humans, and which we have already written about in this article.

How is this possible? Well, as research to date indicates, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system. It may differ in detail between different species, but the principle and mechanism of action are similar if not identical.

Epileptic seizures in animals are often treated with potassium bromide or phenobarbital, which are not only much more harmful than natural CBD, but also not always effective. The use of CBD for animals does not show side effects, and even if it does they are rare and much less annoying.

Pets can also suffer from anxiety disorders and experience stress. CBD oils for dogs and cats (and other animals) can be an effective alternative, but be sure to consult your pet's treating veterinarian before using them.

BONUS: #11 CBD and improving quality of life

In the title, I wrote that CBD oil is used in 10 areas.

Finally, I would like to add one application which, in my opinion, perfectly illustrates the total potential of the use of these still under investigation preparations.

A well-functioning, regulated and adequately resourced endocannabinoid system helps maintain the proper functioning of the entire body. It thus helps to improve the quality of life of its users. That is all or nothing.

Products such as CBD oils are unique and their benefits and uses are still being researched. They are designed to help us fully discover the potential and learn more about the mechanism of action of cannabinoids on the human body.

It is worth mentioning that the use of oil CBD has no risk of addiction and minimal risk of minor and temporary side effects. This makes CBD a particularly safe alternative or complement to conventional therapies for humans and animals - including those suffering from difficult, severe and sometimes unfortunately incurable diseases and disorders.

While more research and testing is needed to assess how far the potential of the benefits of CBD use goes, already those conducted so far show only positive results and a trend. According to one very reliable sources: there are currently more than 150 research topics registered worldwide to confirm (or deny) the health-promoting properties of cannabinoids in an unprecedented number of uses attributed to a single group of plant compounds whose availability is widespread thanks to CBD oils.

We encourage you to share your opinions on the use of CBD-based oils and other products. Let the good news spread!

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Sources of the information contained in the article: DrugBank, PubMed, HealthLine, ProjectCBD

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