Hemp tea: properties and brewing of CBD hemp teas

Each hemp flower is between 3 and 9 leaves from which an excellent hemp tea can be made. The result of proper brewing is a delicious infusion with a pleasantly sweet taste and a mild herbal aroma. By the way, it has interesting properties that have been appreciated since ancient times. I invite you to a short reading, from which you will find out, among other things, whether hemp leaves are a true tea, when and why it is worth reaching for them, and you will learn my para-scientific method for brewing hemp tea.

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Hemp tea - what is it?

Hemp tea is nothing more than an infusion of whole or crushed dried leaves and flowers of Cannabis Sativa L. A cannabis variety with a low THC content, not exceeding 0.2%. It is characterised by a relatively high content of up to several percent of another cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD), which is non-narcotic and has numerous health-promoting properties. The plant is legal for cultivation, processing and trade.

Dried hemp leaves are suitable for single-origin teas as well as fitting perfectly into herbal and fruit tea blends.

It is worth knowing that cannabinoids are a group of phytochemicals with poor water solubility. This means that only a small percentage of their content will actually make its way from the hot steamed leaves into the drink. This also applies to tetrahydrocannabinol - something worth bearing in mind.

The functional and health-promoting effects of such a tea are much milder than, for example, the CBD hemp oil.

Unlike traditional teas, caffeine-free Which for some of you may be very important.

As I mentioned in the introduction, the hemp tea has a slightly sweet aftertaste and an herbal aroma. It is mild and pleasant. Colour-wise, it resembles a straw colour, lightly honeyed.

Are dried hemp leaves a tea?

Officially, tea is considered to be an infusion of the dried parts of the tea plant Camellia sinensis. There are claims that dried cannabis is not tea.

Meanwhile, the voices are their own and the consumers their own.

The names "hemp tea" and "hemp tea" have already entered colloquial usage today. It seems that the average tea lover of all sorts does not care much about linguistic purism. Hemp leaf infusion is therefore in common parlance a tea just like yerba mate or rooibos.

To satisfy civilisation's need to categorise and label everything, brewed tea leaves can safely be considered herbal tea.

Hemp tea - properties and benefits

properties of hemp tea

Hemp tea brings with it richness of phytochemicals with synergistic effects. The herbal character makes the infusion an ideal candidate for numerous applications in herbal medicine.

Hemp tea is recommended by natural medicine specialists, herbalists and naturopaths for properties such as:

  • relieving nausea and vomiting,
  • appetite regulation,
  • has a mild analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect (menstruation, migraines, rheumatism)
  • strong relaxation effect (minimises stress, calms and supports heart function)
  • calming after a long day will help you fall asleep and maintain a restorative sleep
  • support for normal liver and kidney function
  • alleviating gastric distress
  • Supports sugar regulation processes
  • neuroprotective
  • modulating immunity
  • and energy management of the body

Other of the properties of the compounds it contains indicate its functional usefulness during the treatment of depression, anxiety and addiction. It is not a pharmacological drug, but can alleviate some of the symptoms of these disorders.

Hemp tea is a versatile, multi-tasking functional drink. Its positive effects will also be felt by your endocannabinoid system responsible for maintaining a state of homeostasis.

Para-scientific method of brewing tea from hemp

Why para-scientific? To write half-jokingly and half-seriously: because it is a combination of my own experience and a method developed in a laboratory setting by well-educated and solidly equipped tea experts. Don't believe it? Watch (unfortunately only in English):

And now, step by step, we will brew the most delicious CBD hemp tea:

  1. Boil filtered water - the principle is quite simple: the tastier the water itself, the tastier the tea; you can doctor up about oxygenating the water, I don't do that; nor do I have any idea where ideas about brewing cannabis at 80 degrees Celsius come from; the lab doesn't confirm and I believe them;
  2. Meanwhile, place about 1-5 grams of the leaves or mixture in a brewer or disposable tea bag
  3. Use a cup with walls that are thick, smooth and not cracked from the centre
  4. Pour boiling water over the cup and allow to steep covered for 5 minutes
  5. Remove the bag / brewer and stir the brew
  6. The temperature should already be bearable to drink so there is nothing to wait for
  7. If you need a little more sweetness then I would recommend just honey (possibly CBD honey to enhance the cannabinoid spectrum)

Viola! A cup of hemp health or best hemp teathat you will love is ready to drink.

Poles love tea

With an average consumption of approximately 1 kg of tea per capita per year, Poland has been in the European top league for years. This result places us 4th in Europe and 8th in the world. The leader is Turkey, where the average citizen consumes almost 3.15 kg of tea per year.

This does not change the fact that we love tea very much and it is an integral part of our morning, afternoon and evening rituals.

Among teas, black teas still reign supreme (approx. 45%), but trends point to the growing popularity of herbal and functional teas. Already a few years ago, this segment had an approx. 12% market share.

The value of the tea market in Poland was estimated at PLN 1.3 billion in 2017, and with a conservative assumption of 2.5% growth per year, it can be assumed that the value has even risen to around PLN 1.5 billion in 2021.

The value of the herbal tea segment may, according to my estimates, in 2021 even amount to approx. PLN 170-180 million.

Dried hemp leaves fit perfectly into this growing trend. Their unique and increasingly scientifically proven properties make hemp leaf an excellent addition to herbal, functional and fruit tea blends.

They also love hemp

The cannabis market is growing rapidly. Consumption data is still lacking, but the value of the market for legal cannabis products in Europe is expected to grow to USD 36 billion per year in 2027, according to analyses. This is more than the European tea market worth around USD 18.4 billion in 2021 with a projected growth to around USD 26 billion in 2027.

I could cite, for example, analytical data related to searches for hemp products on the Polish Internet. In order not to bore you with numbers any longer, let me just say that the numbers run into tens of thousands per month in the case of CBD hemp oil or dried hemp for smoking, while the phrases "hemp tea", "hemp tea" and related phrases alone account for a total and estimated 3.1 thousand searches.

Hemp shops are already present in every large city today. The pandemic has slowed down the development of stationary shops in smaller towns, but my guess is that as soon as it "lets up", there will be plenty of people willing to open a cannabis outlet even in towns with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants. There will certainly be no shortage of hemp teas in such shops.

hemp tea next to the tea kettle

Hemp teas - FAQ

What are the benefits of drinking hemp teas?

The 2020 survey (see sources) indicated that among the The benefits of drinking a drink with hemp phytochemicals include: a reduction in health expenditure, a reduction in the use of medicines with unpleasant side effects, an improvement in the overall quality of life and a sense of wellbeing. Nothing boosts your mood like a delicious hemp tea.

Are there risks associated with drinking cannabis beverages?

Yes, be aware of the THC content if you are driving. Too much tea and excess CBD can lead to feelings of sluggishness and delay reflexes. There is a risk of interaction with medication. Excessive consumption can cause fertility problems in men. We still know too little about the long-term effects of regular dietary cannabinoid use.

Can dried hemp leaves be brewed with other herbs?

Yes, but the practical and safe blending of herbs is an art in itself. If you don't have the knowledge seek advice on combining herbs or use blends developed by specialists.

hemp tea

Is tea made from cannabis leaves and flowers intoxicating?

No. The content of intoxicating cannabinoids is trace in legal cannabis and their infusion during the brewing of the drink too small to produce an intoxicating effect. Cannabis tea does not intoxicate, does not euphorise and will not affect your motor skills. The fact is that it improves your mood and does so more effectively than any other tea blend.

Does hemp tea contain caffeine?

No. Unless it is part of a blend that includes a different kind of caffeine-rich tea.

Which hemp tea is best?

With cannabis tea it's a bit like wine. The best one will be the one you like best because of its taste and effect. It is worth researching and trying different suggestions and blends. The taste of hemp tea on its own is quite pleasantly mild. Any natural additions in the form of dried fruit or flowers with a sweet aftertaste and aroma complement the blend perfectly. Your hemp tea in such combinations will be the best and most delicious.

Is hemp tea the same as CBD tea?

In theory, no, and in practice the terms happen to be used interchangeably. Any blend of teas with the addition of cannabinoids in the form of a few drops of CBD oil or another 'medium' with increased cannabinoid content is considered CBD tea. Tea with CBD oil This, incidentally, is one of the more interesting ways of dealing with the peculiar taste of oils.

Is it possible to increase the amount of cannabinoids in an infusion?

Yes, there are three ways to do this.

First is to add a little butter during the brewing process or boil the water with the addition of milk. The proportions depend on taste, but generally 'something' oily will help dissolve the poorly water-soluble cannabinoids. Second way is to add a few drops of full spectrum CBD oil to the finished drink. Third of the ways is a novelty on the market, i.e. CBD honey beadswhich contain delicious multi-flower honey combined with broad spectrum oil (0% THC). This last method is, in my opinion, the most delicious.

Is hemp tea the same as cannabis infusion?

No. A cannabis infusion is always prepared with added fat - milk in a 1:1 ratio - to maximise the amount of THC in the drink. Such a hot drink can and usually does have an intoxicating, slightly euphoric effect with toxicity that is difficult to predict. Cannabis teas do not work like that.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women drink CBD hemp teas?

No. There is a lack of research on the effects of the use of herbal cannabis teas and their mixtures by pregnant and lactating women. It is not worth the risk.


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