What are CBD crystals?

Nowadays, in addition to the range of cbd full spectrum hemp oils, capsules and pastes containing cannabidiol, CBD crystals can increasingly be purchased on the market. These are directly isolated extracts of cannabidiol in its purest form. They contain the essence of CBD and a wealth of valuable active substances. Taking cannabidiol in this form carries numerous potential health benefits. What are CBD crystals? How can they be used? Find out in this article! Check it out!

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CBD crystals what are they?

Crystals, also known as CBD isolates, are a completely new trend in the cannabis industry - they do not contain a single gram of THC, do not cause an intoxicated state and do not alter the state of consciousness of the user. Instead, they cause relaxation, reduce stress and boost energy. CBD crystals are known among consumers as CBD powder.

CBD-containing crystals is one form of cannabidiol with a purity of approximately 99%. Producers of this type of preparation start production, as in most cases, by extracting cannabinoids from dried hemp. The difference is that the processing they obtain differs significantly from the natural hemp preparation, as they remove all other chemical compounds contained in the plant from the composition. During the processing process, the producer precipitates the entire hemp phytocomplex. All cannabinoids like cannabigerol, cannabinol, cannabichromene, terpenes, flavonoids and other additives are removed from the final product. The complete purification of CBD allows the tetrahydrocannabinol to be thoroughly removed from the preparation and enables more accurate dosing.

How is CBD isolate produced?

CBD isolate because that is what CBD crystals really are, is only produced from certified and organic industrial hemp cultivation. As a rule, herbs and their extracts have a mass of other small molecules in their composition. However, the isolates, i.e. precisely the crystals, are effectively separated from the other compounds. In the case of CBD crystals, they represent cannabidiol in its purest form currently available on the market.

They contain from 98% to over 99% of cannabidiol concentration. Thanks to this the crystal contains almost exclusively CBD, which makes it much easier to establish doses, take them and simplifies selling them in the right quantity. Furthermore, the crystals contain absolutely no artificial additives, preservatives, impurities, fillers or colourings that could contribute in any way to altering the potential properties of cannabidiol.

Why use CBD crystals?

Benefits of using CBD crystals stem directly from the known benefits of CBD supplementation. CBD crystals have all the properties typical of cannabidiol, but no THC. Their use will be welcomed by anyone for whom even a small and legal amount of THC can be a problem. CBD crystals offer maximum benefits without the risks typical of products containing the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol.

The only problem associated with the use of isolate-based formulations is that, according to studies, achieving effects similar to full-spectrum cannabinoids requires much higher doses of cannabidiol itself. This is due to the lack of ambient effect typical of full-spectrum preparations.

How do you apply the CBD crystal?

Carefully purified and isolated CBD crystals from hemp seed can be taken in several different ways. Highly concentrated CBD is characterised by high absorption by inhalation, among other means, but it can also be made into a wide range of herbal mixtures, added to meals and much more. In addition, CBD in the form of crystals assimilates almost immediately at the time of application and is effective for about five to six more hours. When crystals are added to a good quality food product, it is possible to create a product with new properties thanks to a specific, dedicated amount of cannabidiol. CBD honeys or CBD chocolates, for example, are becoming popular on the market. Isolates have very good fat solubility. For this reason, they can be effectively added to cakes, fruit and vegetable smoothies and fancy desserts. They are also great as components for self-made cosmetics, particularly face or hair creams and masks.

When is it a good idea to use isolate for CBD oils?

It should be emphasised that CBD crystals are a very good way of directly absorbing CBD. It is worth using them, but it is even better to apply them in richer forms, such as in the cannabidiol oil also known as CBD oil or cbd full spectrum hemp oil, in which, in addition to CBD cannabidiol, other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG or CBN. Additional chemical compounds such as terpenes, flavanoids or terpenoids should not be removed from the extract. They should remain in the preparation in their original form in the proportions naturally present in the cannabis. This is analogous to the presence of magnesium in sea salt. In addition, the full spectrum of terpenes and other active ingredients found alongside cannabinoids in cannabis results in a broader range of properties and a more unique flavour in its preparations. The full phytocomplex contained in hemp is a source of additional properties that are highly beneficial from a health perspective. The interplay between CBD, flavones and terpenes is known as synergy. CBD oils produced on a crystal basis do not have this effect. The body is better influenced by natural CBD, as the chemical compounds of this type found in hemp are more efficiently absorbed in human metabolic processes. An oil with the full spectrum of phytonutrients found in the plant gives better results than a crystal-based product lacking the full phytocomposition of naturally occurring compounds in the plant.

Nevertheless, by purchasing CBD crystals and adding them to a carrier oil (e.g. coconut oil or olive oil), you can create your own 0% THC cbd oil. This is an interesting solution for athletes for whom the use of CBD full spectrum oil involves risks.

What is the synergy effect?

Israeli scientists are considered the leading CBD researchers. It was Israeli-born Raphael Mechoulam who discovered the existence of cannabidiol. This scientist also put forward the thesis of the so-called synergistic effect. The theory indicates that the entire phytocomplex of substances present in cannabis works much more effectively than the individual components isolated from it. Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem quite recently conducted tests demonstrating the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of an extract from the phytocomplex, which also contained non-psychoactive cannabinoids, flavanoids and terpenes.

Scientists have pointed to the so-called synergy of the pure cannabinoid, which spreads throughout the body like the deep resonance of a bell. The term 'bell-like' is a visualisation of the CBD action curve. With a low dose of pure cannabidiol, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect intensifies as the dose increases. Unfortunately, once the body's absorption peak is reached, increasing the dose of CBD alone reduces the positive effects exerted by this compound in practice. This is not the case when the full phytocomplex is applied. The benefits do not increase, but neither do they decrease, maintaining a stable, even level of action throughout the time CBD and other cannabinoids remain in the human body.

In addition to this, the researchers tested an ethanol-extracted CBD phytocomplex that also contained other cannabinoids and terpenes. Instead of a bell and curve effect, they discovered a linear increase. For example, at the beginning, the body's response was directly proportional to the dose, and after some time there was a saturation of the cells. The researchers concluded that the variety of compounds contained in the extract allows for a synergy of CBD in achieving anti-inflammatory effects. The above studies prove that it is more beneficial for the body to apply an oil containing the full phytocomplex, i.e. the so-called cbd oil. However, it is worth noting that no negative effects have been found from the use of CBD isolate in powder form. Nevertheless, it is always better to opt for an oil containing the full spectrum of chemicals produced naturally by hemp.

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