THC vs RSO in Rick Simpson's oil

The article 'THC vs RSO' is worth starting with a brief explanation. The abbreviation RSO comes from the name of cannabis activist Rick Simpson, who comes from Canada. Rick Simpson Oil was invented in 2003, but did not gain prominence in our country until 12 years later, thanks to the activities of the Free Hemp Association. There is a heated debate around RSO, as a number of users of the oil do not have enough knowledge about RSO, as the extraction of this oil is not simple and raises many objections. The method popularised by Rick Simpson is considered unprofessional and dangerous to the health of the user.

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Can RSO oil be dangerous and why?

Its disadvantage is the method of extraction. The oil has to be evaporated to precipitate the solvent out of it. It is heated and when it reaches a temperature of around 140°C, the terepenoids are permanently and irreversibly damaged and the cannabinoids are partially broken down. At these temperatures, both components of RSO lose their therapeutic properties because the cannabinoids, when subjected to heat treatment at temperatures higher than 60°C, decarboxylate and lose their therapeutic properties.

This begs the question: why heat RSO to 140°C, instead of 60°C, so that it retains its therapeutic properties? It is impossible to eliminate harmful components at lower temperatures. When extracting RSO, highly concentrated alcohol, paraffin or petrol are used. These substances have a detrimental effect on the cannabinoids, and the residual solvent in the concoction, is impossible to remove when using this method of oil extraction. The flammable solvent is poisonous to the body, and even more so when highly concentrated and degraded by very high temperatures.

Alcohol in combination with cannabinoids modifies and impairs the action of these compounds, which is why virtually no drugs are used in combination with alcohol. It is worth knowing that the likelihood of spontaneous combustion of home-made alcohol vapour can contribute to a dangerous explosion.

THC vs RSO - RSO Oil - Rick Simpson

RSO extraction

The aim of this treatment is to obtain the maximum amount of resin contained in the cannabis. The fats are dissolved in alcohol and the remaining plant material is disposed of. Cannabis contains around 500 active substances, such as flavonoids and terpenoids. During RSO extraction, these substances are destroyed, reducing to THC alone with a small amount of CBD. This in turn contributes to a significant reduction in the therapeutic value of RSO oil and makes it an inferior product to, for example, CBD oil.

Good THC

THC is a natural chemical compound belonging to the cannabinoid group and the main psychoactive substance in cannabis. Tetrahydrocannabinol is insoluble in water, but is broken down on contact with alcohols and fats. Use purified THC, which comes in the form of non-invasive extracts prepared from organic hemp seed oil, olive oil or hemp paste. Pure THC can be obtained at home, at a lower cost. This is not an easy process if you want to obtain a high-quality final preparation. The risk of something going wrong is considerable. In addition, the extraction of THC from recreational marijuana is illegal in Poland and is fraught with the risk of legal consequences.

However, if you decide to try it, remember that RSO oil has a tarry colour and the consistency of a sticky mass. In appearance, it resembles unsightly waste. THC itself, on the other hand, has a very pleasant smell, which can vary depending on how much and what kind it contains terpenes i flavonoids.

So is it worth comparing other sources of THC versus RSO from Rick Simpson's home-produced oil, using harmful solvents? Seemingly, there is a point in doing so. However, it is important to remember that the health and nutritional value - and perhaps even the summative, therapeutic or prophylactic value - of legal preparations that are sources of both THC and CBD extracted in a way that is not detrimental to the quality of the final product using a health-safe, effective and proven method of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, rather than using ordinary solvents, is far safer.

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