Femicanna Energy CBD 1000mg + CBG 200mg

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In the composition of the oil you will find: organic MCT oil, distilled CBD broad spectrum hemp oil (without THC), CO2 extract from organic ginger, black pepper extract (bioperine), turmeric extract


Recommended daily dose: 10 drops (equivalent to 30 mg curcuminoids, 10 mg piperine and 40 mg phytocannabinoids).

You can use FemiCanna Energy oil to make Golden Milk by substituting ginger, turmeric and black pepper.

Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended daily serving. The product may not be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of small children. Protect from light, store in a dark place e.g. in the refrigerator.

15 ml preparation in a bottle with a convenient dispenser/applicator.

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Product description

Femicanna Energy CBD 1000mg + CBG 200mg

Femicanna Energy is a unique broad-spectrum CBD oil made from the highest quality hemp extract, purified by CO2 extraction.

It is a completely legal cannabis product that does not contain THC and, thanks to its enrichment with herbal extracts, has many unique properties that benefit our health.

Femicanna Energy CBD oil in a 15 millilitre bottle with a very convenient applicator contains:

  • until 1000 mg CBD cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid known for its numerous health-promoting properties,
  • 200 mg CBG cannabigerolwith a positive energising effect, facilitating concentration and mental clarity throughout the day
  • Turmeric extract, so called. Curcumin C3 Complex Standardised to 95% content for all three curcuminoids, which ensures exceptional absorption of the oil from the gastrointestinal tract, increases the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power of the formula, supports immunity and a healthy sugar and cholesterol balance in the body
  • black pepper extract in the form of bioperines i.e. the patented 95% extract of piperine - the active ingredient in pepper with properties such as thermogenesis, influencing the production of dopamine and serotonin, increasing the bioavailability of other dietary components, regulating sugar and cholesterol and others
  • CO2 extract of organic ginger, which will have a great and positive effect on liver function, being a source of terpenes and sesquiterpenes such as gingerol and zingiberene.

The manufacturer of Femicanna Energy chose to produce this cannabis oil based on MCT oil, which is one of the best carriers for cannabinoids with a pleasantly mild flavour, which in the case of this oil has been slightly enhanced by the spiciness of pepper and ginger.

MCT oil facilitates the body's absorption of cannabinoids while promoting the production of endogenous ketones.

Femicanna Energy CBD oil positively influences the endocannabinoid system, which regulates many processes in our body, such as energy management, sleep, mood, appetite or pain perception.

In addition, CBD oil Femicanna Energy has strong antioxidant properties that contribute to protecting our body from free radicals.

Femicanna Energy is also a product that helps to maintain the body's homeostasis, i.e. the internal balance between the various systems and functions of the body in the face of a dynamically changing external environment. Due to its unique composition, it provides great support for the digestive system.

Femicanna Energy CBD oil is an oral formulation that can be taken easily, the suggested dose is 10 drops per day.

Thanks to the unique properties of the cannabinoids and additional herbal extracts, Femicanna Energy is a great and, above all, effective CBD broad spectrum premium oil for anyone who wants to maintain health, focus and well-being on a daily basis.