CBD dosage - How to use CBD oil

A lot of inaccuracies have grown up around CBD dosage. Consumers do not always know or understand how to use CBD oil. They also do not know what to look for when choosing a particular formulation.

It is natural that questions arise about CBD dosage? How to use CBD oils safely? How to dose and what sources of highly bioavailable cannabinoids and CBD are available?

This article takes a closer look at the issues surrounding the use of hemp oils and the dosage of CBD.

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Update: 22.09.2023

CBD oil - how to use and dose CBD

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CBD dosage is a complex subject - there are no clear-cut answers at present to the question of how to apply the CBD drops. Research in recent years has sought, among other things, to establish effective and safe doses of CBD depending on the reason for its use. Doses of CBD used in human studies ranged from 20 to 1,500 mg of CBD per day. This is a very wide range.

Lessons learned from review of clinical data on humans and animals are as follows:

  • There is no one-size-fits-all, right dose of CBD effective for every person
  • People react differently to the same doses of CBD
  • CBD is safe for use in humans (and animals)
  • The safety profile of CBD used in humans has been repeatedly confirmed
  • CBD does not have an intoxicating effect, it is not addictive and the body builds up a tolerance very slowly or not at all

In a report on CBD, the World Health Organisation confirmed the safety of CBD use. This includes the CBD contained in CBD oil. The report cites studies in which doses of up to 800 mg of CBD per day were used.

Some tips and advice such as dosage and use of CBD oil for beginners:

  • Microdosing and cannabinoid supplementation are the goals of CBD oil use
  • Even if the manufacturer, vendor or person you consult says otherwise, start with a minimum dose, e.g. 1-2 drops, to see how your body reacts, at least for the first few days
  • Don't use large doses at the beginning of cannabis oils, see how a microdose applied for a few days works and only then decide what to do next
  • A microdose may be quite sufficient in most cases and there is no need to use high doses right away
  • The "less is more" principle may apply in your case
  • Excessive dosage can have an undesirable effect and unnecessarily alienate you from the oil right from the start
  • The medical community, doctors who use cannabinoids in their practices suggest to be patient and use cannabinoids for a minimum of 30 days, regularity is important
  • Remember that every process, including healing, takes time; for example, an inflammatory process that has been rolling around in your body for a long time will not disappear as if by magic after taking a single dose of oil.
  • Concentration of cannabinoids in the body increases over time, and with it the efficacy increases.
  • Remember that, in many cases, when prescribing a pharmacological drug, doctors also check the reaction and therapeutic effect after, for example, 6-8 weeks and only after such a period do they decide whether to change the dose or perhaps use a different drug altogether
  • Patience is key
  • The dosage of CBD oils is inextricably linked to CBD bioavailability (absorption)

Safe dosage of CBD

Safe CBD dosage It therefore comes down to minimising the risk of adverse effects. It is believed that overdosing on CBD, or rather consuming excessive amounts of CBD, increases the risk of side effects such as:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Annoyance

Planning CBD dosage it is important to remember that, as with any health-promoting preparation, the doctor's recommendations or the manufacturer's recommended intake should be followed. Testimonials from people already using hemp dropswho have tested the effective and safe dosage of CBD on themselves and share this experience.

When planning CBD dosage, it is important to remember that:

  • CBD acts for 6-8 hours
  • Cannabidiol is best used about 30 minutes after a meal - find out more about this here: CBD before or after eating
  • It is advisable to plan the number of applications of the cannabidiol source at even intervals (every 6-8 hours) in order to maintain the effects around the clock
  • Amount of CBD per dose x number of doses per day = amount of CBD per day
  • Your objective is to finding the minimum effective dose

You will read a little more about how this works in practice later in this article.

CBD dosage - concentration versus amount of CBD and other cannabinoids in oils

To begin with, I will try to clarify an important aspect of CBD cannabidiol dosage that seems to often escape consumers.

CBD oil concentration is commonly understood as the % content of the full spectrum of phytochemicals (cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids) including, above all, CBD in a bottle of preparation.

It should be noted here that 10ml of the preparation does not correspond to 10g net weight. The density of the oil is different to the density of water.

The concentration of CBD in a preparation is not the most relevant information from the point of view of dosage of CBD and other cannabinoids. I would even say that it is of secondary importance.

More important information is the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids found in the bottle. It is usually specified in milligrams (mg).

For example: CBD oil 10% contains min. 1,000 mg of CBD cannabidiol along with other cannabinoids and other phytochemicals naturally found in hemp seed.

Why is this more relevant information?

Because CBD dosage is just defined in milligrams/dose and milligrams/day.

The total content of CBD and other cannabinoids per pack/bottle is also stated on the labels and packaging of the preparations.

Purehemp's CBD hemp oils, for example, contain approximately:

300 mg of phytochemicals in a 10 ml bottle of 3% CBD oil concentration
500 mg of phytochemicals in a 10 ml bottle of 5% CBD oil concentration
1000 mg of phytochemicals in a 10 ml bottle of 10% CBD oil concentration
2000 mg of phytochemicals in 10 ml bottle 20% CBD oil concentration

What are the phytochemicals: CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa, CBN, CBNa and THC and THCa in acceptable standards (up to a total of 0.2%) and, of course, terpenes and flavonoids.

These contents are tested by an independent laboratory.

CBD oil - how to use?

In the practice of using CBD oilsIn the absence of clear guidelines or physician recommendations, the following factors are assumed to influence the choice of dose level (single and daily):

  • Body mass (weight)
  • Purpose of use (e.g. supplementary or therapeutic use)
  • Individual biochemistry of the body
  • Amount of CBD in a single drop or capsule
  • Concentration of CBD in the preparation

Thus, there are several variables and, in addition, the third variable mentioned above is an unknown variable in the vast majority of cases (if not all).

Unless otherwise advised by your doctor, in practice you decide on the dosage of CBD oil yourself. Determining the starting dose of CBD can facilitate a kind of minutes of proceedings  widely accepted among practitioners of CBD use on a daily basis.

  1. Start with a lower dose, e.g. 10-20 mg CBD/day.
  2. Apply it for approximately 4-7 days.
  3. If you don't feel any difference during this time, increase the dose by 5-10 mg to a level of 15-30 mg CBD/day.
  4. Proceed in this way until you feel that the dosage level is starting to have an effect, e.g. symptoms are relieved if you are using CBD for this very purpose.
  5. Maintain dosage with regular use of CBD oil for a period of min. 30 days.

It is a good idea to keep track of the amount of CBD you take per day and note if and what dose had an effect. Also take into account effects such as improved mood, minimised pain, improved wellbeing.

OK, but since the product is dosed with a dropper, how many drops of CBD oil should be taken to make a CBD dose of, say, 10 milligrams?

How many mg of CBD is in a drop of CBD oil?

The dropper is not a precise dispensing device in the 100%. This seems to be troublesome only for a moment.

Oils CBD dosage get customarily in the range from/to or approximately. Practitioners and experienced consumers commonly claim that it is not necessary to take a perfectly precise dose calculated in milligram increments.

Personally, I agree with this approach. Why?

If the World Health Organisation (WHO) used doses as high as 800 mg of CBD per day as an example to produce a report stating that CBD is safe, then commonly used doses of 20-40mg per day are comfortably within the range considered safe. This is nothing more than micro-dosing.

In addition, I personally I use CBD oil for a specific purpose and if that means that I need to take about 100mg of CBD per day to achieve that goal then that is what I will do. Whether it is exactly 100mg does not matter in the least to me. What matters is that I have confidence that it is a dose that is considered safe by a public health authority - and the WHO is certainly one of those.

Of course, this approach is an individual issue and there will be some people for whom this situation may be a problem and cause for discussion. It may be that CBD oil is not the best solution for them, and instead it may be worthwhile for them to consider CBD capsules, which address the problem of dose size precision at the expense of slightly lower bioavailability.

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The decision on the source of CBD is always at your discretion. You can use CBD oil as and CBD capsules. You can also smoke dried or vaporised CBD. Finally, you can take CBD in the form of various food products such as CBD honey, CBD chocolate and even CBD jelly beans. The number of available sources of cannabidiol is large and growing. Everyone will find one that best suits their preferences.

It is important to remember the differences in bioavailability of CBD in its various forms.

In the case of Purehemp CBD oil, the contents of a 10 ml bottle should translate into approximately 200 drops of the product.

CBD content and other cannabinoids in 1 drop of Purehemp cbd hemp oil is concentration-dependent and is approximately:

  • 1 drop of 5% CBD oil = approx. 2.5mg CBD (500 mg / approx. 200 drops)
  • 1 drop of 10% CBD oil = approx. 5mg CBD (1000 mg / approx. 200 drops)
  • 1 drop of 20% CBD oil = approx. 10mg CBD (2000 mg / approx. 200 drops)
  • 1 drop of 30% CBD oil = approx. 15mg CBD (3000 mg / approx. 200 drops)


If I want to take in about 45 mg of CBD per day then I will need to do so:

  • 16 drops of 5 per cent oil
  • 8 drops of 10 per cent oil
  • 4-5 drops of 20 per cent oil
  • 3 drops of 30 per cent oil

CBD - how many doses of CBD oil per day?

As I have already mentioned the effect of CBD in the body averages 6-8 hours. After this time it stops working although it still remains in the body (up to about 7 days).

If you use 45 mg of CBD once a day, e.g. in the morning, the effect will stop after 6-8 hours.

To maintain an even effect of CBD throughout the day it is worthwhile to divide the daily amount of CBD intake into 3 doses.


I want to take about 45 mg of CBD per day. So I will decide on full spectrum hemp oil 10% Pure Hemp. I will dose it 3 times a day: in the morning e.g. at 8 a.m., in the afternoon around 2 p.m. and in the evening around 8 p.m. Each dose will be 3 drops (3 drops 3 times a day).

When planning the dosage of CBD and cannabinoids, it is worth considering the bioavailability of CBD. Bioavailability is nothing more than the absorption of CBD and cannabinoids used in different forms.

CBD dosage: what doctors, scientists and specialists say

Bill Rawls, MD (www.rawlsmd.com)

The type of oil makes a difference. Full Spectrum CBD oils contain a mix of cannabinoids and terpenes, which enhance the effects of CBD (the so-called synergistic effect). There are also oils created based on CBD isolate, which contain only cannabidiol and the synergistic effect cannot be mentioned. It is believed that the dose of CBD from oils on the isolate must be drastically higher than that of cbd full spectrum oils to see any effect. According to Dr Rawls, the effects of cbd full spectrum oil can be observed as low as 10-15 mg/day. In contrast, with oils on the isolate, the effect only appears at very high doses of 750-1500 mg/day.

Dr. n. med. Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD

Clinical trials of Epidiolex for epilepsy indicated that there was no significant therapeutic difference between the lower and higher doses. He believes this is good news because effectiveness of low doses generally means better tolerance to the preparation. Side effects at high therapeutic doses were more intense than at low doses, but this was not a significant difference.

Dr Rachna Patel, MD (www.drrachnapatel.com)

The dosage of CBD is highly individual in different people. For the same physical conditions (body weight) and similar severity of problematic symptoms, completely different doses may be effective. It is worth starting with low doses, increase doses slowly and note changes in dosage over time.

How to use CBD oil for specific ailments or diseases

As I have already mentioned when it comes to oil CBD dosage is not precisely defined for any disease at this time. Hemp oils are not medicines and their use is purely supplementary, nutritional and functional.

Issues related to the dosage of CBD oil for various ailments will be addressed in separate articles. Remember that these are always examples of real peopleCBD oil has been shown to be effective. Just because a certain dosage worked effectively in these people does not mean that it will be the same in your case. This is primarily because of the obvious differences in the biochemistry of two different human organisms.

Always follow your doctor's advice, and if that is not possible then refer to the information in this article only using examples and success stories.

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This article is for illustrative purposes and is an approximation of publicly available information and personal opinions on how CBD can be dosed in the light of the current state of knowledge and based on the experiences and testimonies of users, e.g. the CBD user. CBD oil. This information is not intended as advice. Before deciding on the dosage of CBD in your case, consult your doctor. If he gives you an answer, always follow his recommendations. However, if he is unwilling or unable to answer your questions, which still happens, you can make the decision yourself at your own risk and responsibility.

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