CBD effects - what you can expect when using CBD

As for CBD, the effects of this cannabinoid in terms of mechanisms, areas, properties, advantages and side effects have already been discussed by me in other articles. This article will focus on answering some common questions about CBD and its effects. And these, in addition to its already obvious therapeutic qualities, also involve subjective assessments of how its effects are felt by individual users. A bit of effort spent analysing posts on online forums has resulted in this article, which I hope broadens a little the context for looking at the issue of how CBD works and the effects you can expect.

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Update: 29.06.2021

How are the effects of CBD felt?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions. Everyone wants to know if and what they will feel when using CBD oils or vaporising dried hemp cbd, for example.

CBD does not intoxicate. This we know for sure. So there is no way you will feel the effects typical of recreational marijuana use. If this is what you are looking for then CBD is not for you.

The sensations accompanying the use of, for example, cbd oils, during vaporisation or during the use of the dry, have nothing to do with the psychoactive effects of prohibited substances on the central nervous system. Cannabinoid supplementation supports the normal function of the endocannabinoid system and thus supports the body in maintaining a state of homeostasis.

In the big picture, a state of homeostasis is experienced as natural and relaxed. There is no euphoria, excitement or excitement and the perception of reality is not skewed. Properly and safely used supplements with cbd will not trigger or the effect of sluggishness or drowsiness.

Even if the preparation contains the minimum legal amount of THC, there is not enough of it to cause any undesirable effect typical of this cannabinoid. Besides, as we also know, CBD acts in opposition to THC, neutralising its psychoactive effects. You will not feel the intoxicating effect when using cbd supplements.

Instead, there is such a healthy normality, freedom of thought and a sense of control over one's own emotionality.

Perception of the effects of CBD has a very individuality. I could describe my subjective feelings, but that would not exhaust the topic.

The most valuable source of information about how the effects of CBD are felt is, of course, the opinions of others.

Clients, patients, regular users of cbd supplements and recreational and lifestyle users.

From reading reviews of cbd supplements, it appears that intensity of sensation is dependent on the method of application - the faster the absorption, the higher the intensity, but also the shorter the duration of sensation.

For example: Hemp-dried cbd acts quickly and intensely, but the sensations last shorter than with the oil, where the sensations appear more slowly and are less intense, but last longer.

What internet users on forums are saying about the effects of cbd, the dried and the oils

When it comes to CBD oil effects of this form of application is widely discussed and commented on in many threads, e.g. in the American online forum Quora.com

In forum reviews on the effects of CBD oil used supplementally (in relatively low doses), we find terms such as:

  • mute
  • calm
  • relaxation
  • relax
  • cheer
  • being rested
  • mastery
  • emotional balance
  • Energy balance (but not an energy boost!)
  • normality (a word used in the context of being oneself)
  • control of emotions
  • boldness
  • minimisation of pain
  • satisfaction
  • minimising perceived stress and anxiety
  • focus and concentration
  • control of external stimuli
  • minimising the pressure of negative, destructive thoughts

cbd action - old & wise golden cbd dragon

How long does CBD last?

The duration of CBD's effect in the body ranges from 2-6 hours. Some sources state that CBD effects It is effective for up to 8 hours. After this time, it ceases to be effective, but still remains in the body until eliminated - you will read more about this later.

The effective effect of CBD over time is dependent on several factors:

  1. Body masses

The rule of thumb is simple, the more body weight and body fat the more CBD is needed for it to work effectively and the longer it lasts in the body. When it comes to CBD effects is also dependent on, among other things, BMI (Body Mass Index) and hydration levels.

  1. Metabolism

From the moment CBD enters the body, its effects are subject to processes of absorption and metabolism. CBD is absorbed, 'used up' and its enzymatic breakdown takes place. The duration of this process is individual and depends on the rate of metabolism and available liver enzyme resources.

  1. Dose volumes

As with most substances, the higher the dose of CBD, the longer it stays in the body. However, it is worth remembering that we are looking for the optimum, minimum dose. Excessive consumption of cannabinoids is neither beneficial nor necessary in terms of their effects. CBD oil is used supplementally in microdoses.

  1. Frequencies of application

Concentration CBD in the body grows over time, and the dynamics of this growth depend on the frequency of application and regularity of use. To fully assess whether CBD is effective in your case, we recommend regular use for at least one week. Occasional use is associated with a shorter time for CBD to be effective in the body.

  1. Method of application

Different ways and forms of using CBD mean different lengths of effect. The rule of thumb is that the more easily CBD is absorbed, the shorter the effect lasts. The fastest CBD effects shows with vaping/vaporisation, but also the effect lasts the shortest (2-3 hours). CBD oils absorb more slowly, but the effect lasts longer (4-6 hours). The use of CBD capsules and foods is from 1-2 hours for the effect to appear and 6-8 hours for the effect to last. CBD applied topically in the form of creams, lotions or skin serums should begin to take effect in as little as a few minutes, and the duration of effect is similar to that of oils.

  1. Food and diet

What you eat, how much you eat and when you eat affects what kind of CBD effects will have in your case. CBD used 'on an empty stomach' will be absorbed more slowly and metabolised for a shorter time with less strain on the liver. It will also be eliminated from the body more quickly. This is not always possible especially in the afternoon or evening.

  1. Age

From talking to clients and analysing posts and comments on forums and discussion groups about the effects of CBD, it can be concluded that the perceived effectiveness of CBD increases with age. Perhaps the reason for this is the body's natural "wear and tear" of the ageing process. As we get older, physical activity decreases, ailments and dysfunctions increase and the body's ability to maintain a state of homeostasis probably diminishes.

Does the body build up a tolerance to cannabidiol?

Some sources indicate that the body does not build up CBD tolerance. In most people, the effective dose should remain constant over time. However, there are studies indicating that some individuals may develop resistance on the effects of CBD over time. Effective dose can therefore in some cases increase with the length of use. Sources state that the process of building up tolerance progresses slowly which means that jumping up the dose should not be necessary. It is advisable to take a break of 2 to 4 weeks in supplementation from time to time.

How fast does CBD work?

There have already been a few words on this subject.

If you want to know how fast CBD works I refer you to the topic bioavailability of CBD.

This article will also help you decide which method of application to choose. Basically, the speed of action depends on the method of application, the type of product and the individual predisposition/parameters of the body.

The speed of action ranges from about 5-15 minutes for vaping, a little longer for CBD oil drops applied sublingually, up to 1-2 hours for CBD food products (including CBD capsules).

How long does CBD remain in the body?

It's how long CBD remains in the body is basically no problem or cause for concern. CBD is fully legal due to its lack of intoxicating effects and therefore drug tests do not cover this chemical compound at all.

For those interested in the topic of how long CBD remains in the body, I would like to explain that this refers to the so-called biological half-life of cannabidiol. This parameter determines how much time must elapse before it is removed fishing the amount of CBD consumed from the body.

I found four studies in this area:

  • 1986 study showed that a single dose remains in the body for 18 to 30 hours for intravenous injections and 27 to 35 hours for smoking dried CBD
  • 1991 survey indicated that CBD taken orally at a dose of as much as 700mg/day for 6 weeks showed a half-life of 2-5 days
  • 2012 survey showed 27 to 35 hours in the case of dry smoking and 2-5 days in the case of oral use
  • 2014 survey showed that for a single oral dose, the biological half-life of CBD was approximately 1-2 days

Half-life is not the same as enzymatic breakdown. Enzymatic breakdown, as I have already written, occurs in about 4-6 hours. After this time, CBD ceases to act, but remains in the body in this 'used up, non-functioning form' until it is eliminated from the system.

What you should look out for is the THC content of cbd oil. If you're concerned about this psychoactive cannabinoid, it's worth knowing that full spectrum preparations contain all naturally occurring cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, including THC.

Broad spectrum preparations are stripped of THC through a chemical process.

CBD crystals, on the other hand, unlike cbd full spectrum oil, contain basically only CBD (+ a bit of terpenes and flavonoids).

How does CBD work in pregnancy and during breastfeeding?

The scientific world has still not clarified what CBD effects shows for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Since we know virtually nothing about this, the use of cannabidiol is discouraged for both pregnant and breastfeeding women. What I do know for sure is that small but nevertheless small amounts of CBD are transferred with breast milk into the baby's body.

When it comes to effects of CBD and cannabinoids on infants is, at the moment, no research, and therefore simply should not be used. This recommendation is important especially when it comes to preparations containing even legal amounts of THC.

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